Unusual Image Apps That You Should Check Out

If you think that this is another article on photo editing apps and how to make your pics even more beautiful, then you’re wrong. In this article, you’ll learn that there’s more to do with images, that they can be converted to various formats and used for different purposes. So, don’t beat around the bush and let’s discover these unusual apps.



How does it work – Just snap a picture of anything that has words on it, a book, magazine, or a newspaper and this fantastic app will read it to you. In other words, it converts text into speech and makes reading easier and funnier.

Great features – Multiple languages – reads/detects in over 30 different languages.

Who is it for – Perfect for foreign students, language learners, people with visual impairment or dyslexia. Also, read everything you want while commuting or traveling with ease.

Image to Excel

Image to Excel

How does it work – Simply take a picture of paper documents and convert them into editable MS Excel spreadsheets. With a few taps digitalize hard copies and manage them without a hitch.

Great features – Complex tables and screenshots are convertible as well, thanks to the latest OCR technology.

Who is it for – Ideal for people who can’t imagine their work day without Excel and manage a large amount of data on a daily basis.

Translate Photo

Translate Photo

How does it work – Just take a picture of your documents, books, signs, instructions or announcements and translate them right away in the desired language. You can easily scan and translate: recipes from cookbooks, menus in restaurants,  articles from magazines, texts on product labels and more.

Great features – Full-text translation for more than 90 languages and text reading in more than 44 languages.

Who is it for – It’s very convenient for tourists, translators, language learners and everybody who works with different languages.

Image to Text

Image to Text

How does it work – Simply take a photo of a paper document and convert it into an editable text file. It will spare you from squandering your time and energy for retyping whole texts, receipts, invoices, notes, lists and other documents.

Great features – Converted documents are editable so, if it is needed, you can quickly make small adjustments in any text editor on your phone or a computer.

Who is it for – Necessary for all who work with repetitive paperwork that requires small modifications and adjustments.



How does it work – Practically, it creates gifs from your photos. Play around and create awesome gifs that will make your friends and family smile.

Great features – It’s possible to add effects to your photos and music to your gifs, too.

Who is it for – An essential tool for all creative marketers who need to create appealing and amusing content for their readers.

In a nutshell, there is more that you can do with your images. Apart from photo editing, you are able to use pictures to work smarter and make your everyday activities more pleasant. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Hit the App Store and download these image apps!

  1. rupali desai says

    these are some apps that i am going to check out and also recommend them to my friends because they seem very useful to me and actually will be a lot of help
    thank you

  2. Dhruv Mk says

    Helpful apps ! But personally I loved gifx and used it to create lots of gif banners for my website. Thanks a lot for sharing !!!

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