3 Best Travel Agency Software for Travel Agency Venture


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Travel Agency Software

Travel Agency Software offers travel agencies and related business institutions to automate sales, marketing, finance, and other operational activities to help improve customer care service and uplift profits. It also offer travel agents manage their promotions, customer deal discounts, manage blackout dates, stay restrictions, and upgrade payment policies.


Advantages of Travel Agency Software

Improved customer satisfaction and service: Travel agency software provides agents with a much needed push to their products and services to customers via multiple channels like online portals, email, and SMS. It comes with customer-facing features like booking confirmations, online payment gateways, cancellation.

Better process management: Travel agency software helps in automating business operations by decreasing the need for manual data entry thru centralized bookings, tracking the customer inventory, generating reports for daily and weekly checks, managing payments, and more of these kind.

Streamlined reporting: Dashboard and reporting tools give users a chance to collect information and get deep insights into profits and sales, and let them generate custom reports to take corrective business decisions.


Characteristics of Travel Agency Software

Itinerary creation: Provides agents to create plan routes, travel documents, and organize journey details for their customers.

Payment processing: Helps in accepting, capturing, and reconciling financial transactions.

Reservations management: It helps in creating and managing customer transportation bookings and property reservations for them.

Pricing management: It helps in setting up  prices for tour packages and managing prices on basis of number of travelers, seasonal demand, travel days, etc.

Sales pipeline management: It offers to track lead conversions and status as they happen to get created in the sales pipeline.

Quotes/estimates: It Offers to create and send customized price quotes to prospective customers.


Cost of Travel Agency Software

Most products in the market are priced on a per-month basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price. A premium product is priced higher and has some of the additional features like credit limit management, hotel mapping and de-duplication, and loyalty programs.


Considerations while Buying Travel Agency Software

Extent of customization: You can  select a travel agency software solution that’s designed for your niche, or can be customized to meet your business requirements as some of the agencies caters to only a specific customer group like business travelers, backpackers. Through this software, you won’t have to develop a fresh template for your workflows and adjust them to your the interface to fit customer preferences and demands.

Mobile apps: Client engagement is the rock solid foundation of the travel industry. Mobile apps are one of the most effective way to manage engagement efforts and helps to build relationships with upcoming and existing customers. Agents are able to manage operations and address various inquiries even after regular business hours using travel agency apps. Choose a software that are also available in apps for different types of mobile devices.


Travel Agency Software Trends

Artificial intelligence is enhancing customer experience: Travel agencies are required to constantly improve their customers’ experiences in order to stay competitive and profitable. To get on with this, start adding new technologies to workflows. Artificial intelligence is used to process data related to travel itineraries with customer engagement and create insights into the business to help agencies tailor their customer recommendations.

Chat bots help in providing free agents’ time: Travel agency software chat bots are intelligent conversational interfaces serving as the first touch point for customers to interact with travel agencies. Basic chat bots utilize technologies to collect customer contact details and lead it to travel advisors. More advanced chatbots will try to suggest travel plans to customers based on stipulated requirements like tentative travel dates, budget,  preferred destinations, etc.

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