3 Best Towing Software with Buyers’ Guide


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Towing Software

Many companies use Towing Software to support them with back-office functions and streamline traditional means—from sending out vehicles to tow vehicles to invoicing vehicle proprietors to ensure trucks are accurately maintained. These systems help businesses upgrade from cumbersome methods of managing their market and operations, like spreadsheets, non-specialized software and manual processes.

Towing Software falls below the more broad category of fleet management software. It typically contributes the same standard inclinations found in the greatest fleet management series, including:

  • Dispatch
  • GPS tracking
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Light accounting functionality

Features of Towing Software

There are inclinations unique to towing software. These arrangements may arrive with any or all of the supporting acts:

Lot management: Enables users to manage the groups in which ferried vehicles are held. Stocks vehicle information so users can immediately identify which car belongs to whom.

Collections and lien processing: Enables users to automate their invoicing methods, communicate bills to vehicle proprietors and recognise delinquent accounts.

Customer association management: Generates a database of the towing company’s clients (e.g., businesses and municipal actualities it has arrangements with), including their contact information, activities and case history.

Motor club integration: Enables users to accept calls straight from motor clubs such as AAA. This integration can automatically forward relevant driver information to the towing firm and resolve whether getting the towing request will be profitable.

Mobile accessibility: Allows mobile credentials for tow truck drivers to modernise their location and determined arrival experience.

Auction management: Vehicle information is synced to an integrated auction module, deducting the towing company or municipal set to auction off unclaimed transports and blocking duplicate data entry. The auction module also manages buyer and seller information, records bids and assists with accounting complexities that emerge from state regulations.

Price of the Towing Software

Towing software is deployed in one of two ways: in the cloud or on-premise. How the software is rated often depends on the deployment guide. Here’s the categorisation:

Cloud-based: Cloud towing software is hosted by the vendor, and can be accessed from any compatible, Internet-connected computer or device. With these systems, you typically pay a monthly subscription fee, which is often based on the number of users or the number of tow trucks in your fleet. Most towing software packages are available in cloud-based versions.

On-premise: On-premise towing software is treated by the user on their servers and computers. With on-premise systems, you will typically spend an upfront license fee based on your organisation’s capacity. You may also have to pay annual maintenance and update fees. However, overhead time, pricing for these two deployment models tend to converge.

Towing Software Integrations: While some towing software programs might come with their accounting modules, others extend unification with accounting systems like QuickBooks so you can comfortably sync your record from one method to another. Additionally, some towing software platforms also implement integrations with influential insurance companies and car clubs such as AAA, implying you can get inquiries automatically routed to your arrangement from one of these organizations.

Mobile Towing Software Applications: Many towing software platforms provide native mobile apps for Apple and Android smart gadgets. These apps offer drivers to access data when they’re on the job, diminishing duplicate data entry and promoting up the processing time.

Considerations before Buying Towing Software

When assessing new towing software for your business, there are numerous things you should keep in understanding. Be sure to demo multiple products from different vendors to have more familiarity with how the various systems compare against each other. Analyze what the total cost of ownership for a new system will be. Towing Software that is offered as a persistent license keep in mind that you will likely replace the software or upgrade it every five years. Whereas with software implemented as a monthly subscription, you can use the software momentarily as it will be incrementally updated along the way. However, keep in mind that more modest vendors are continuously received or go expired. If you’re using acceptance priced software, you could be out introducing the software in those events.

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