TopNotepad Review – A Cost Effective & Exhaustive Online Invoicing, Accounting, CRM Software

For any freelancer or a small business, maintaining accounts at low cost and with less infrastructure is quite crucial. It may play a major role in its success. Whether it is invoicing, the most basic section or Expense and Leads Management, many of us look for software which delivers more at the low cost.

I came across this great product, a cloud based invoicing, accounting and CRM software. I thought, I will share some interesting features this software has with you:


If you wish to create an Invoice, all you have to do is enter the invoice particulars and let the app do the work, i.e. inserting logo, address on the header and Terms & Conditions in the footer. This auto-populating feature saves your precious time and makes this software a preferred choice. It also provides the ability to create invoices in multiple formats.

Another feature is that you can easily register payments against invoices and can even generate payment receipts and send it across by simple click of a button. This seamless process delivers quick solution to issues related to payment and its receipts.

You can always be on top of your business finances, the information is just a click away. View it in the dashboard or download it in excel or PDF, you are provided with multiple options.

Its reminder feature helps you in regular follow up of any pending items present on a given invoice taking away any risk of missing any item.

Its beautifully crafted and elegant Invoice Dashboard provides all the necessary data you require to track your invoicing and accounting work along with profitability to business.

The inventory management module allows you to add new products or purchases, track the inventory and many more. Another feature that sets this software apart from its competitor is the option to use barcode to add a new product or to include a product in invoice, almost like a POS software.

topnotepad screenshot


In Expense Management, you can create customized expense categories according to types of expense. You get seamless integration with invoicing as you can set the expenses with particular invoices.

You can keep track of expense items that are incurred but not paid, partially paid and fully paid. You can also view the summary of all your expenses via the expense dashboard.

Estimates and Quotations

Similar to invoicing, you can seamlessly create estimates and quotations and mail it across to your clients. You can also convert the approved estimates/quotation to invoices just by a click of a button. Saving you significant time of re-entering the data and also helps you avoid error that may occur because of manual entry.

It also keeps detailed records to manage and track summary of all such estimates/quotations at every client level.

CRM – Leads Manager

Talking about one the most salient feature of TopNotepad is its CRM module which is termed as “Leads Manager”. This is a unique feature that other competing software don’t have, which provides an excellent solution to all of your woes related to Leads Management.

It makes management, follow-up and closure of business leads, a simple and easy to do task. It also have the option to manually add any leads or you can also go for importing all leads at one time.

You can either assign the leads among your colleagues manually or randomly, according to your choice. With one click of a button, you can easily create an invoice of the closed deal associated with a particular lead.

Compared to its competitors like and, this solution has the substantial lead because of its unique CRM functionality, which the former two miss.

Online Accounting

With TopNotepad, you need not worry about the accounting aspect, all you need to do, as mentioned just log your invoices and expenses, the app takes care of profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cash book, other statutory reports.

You need not hire an accountant anymore and pay huge sums of money, just use TopNotepad and do it all by yourself.


Considering the price of invoicing and accounting software available in the market, TopNotepad is by far the easiest choice to make because of its price and the features it packs.

pricing of topnotepad

It cost you just $120 for single year without any cap on number of invoices, which makes it an affordable and intelligent choice too. If you wish to test this software before purchasing, you can try its free trial version.

As we come to the end, we have thoroughly checked this software for various factors. Whether it comes to its compatibility, ease of access, functionality or pricing, this software definitely has a significant lead over its competitors. So, all you freelancers and small business owners, give it a try and forget your accounting and invoicing issues.