Top 25 Free Software for Windows Desktop 7 & 8

With many advanced systems intact, Windows desktop is still one of my favourites when it comes of doing multiple tasks.Many of you might have dropped Windows due to Mac, but you still options of adding Windows via Bootcamp, and there are many ways Windows can be beneficial. The software that windows desktop offer have not been halted by other system’s growth, you still can see how wonderful new tech, innovative programs are being made for Windows 7 and 8.

In this article, you will find 25 free software for Windows Desktop 7 and eight that range from Productivity, Media, File Management and Utilities for the System.

1. FreeCommander XE

FreeCommander XE

Whether you’re using Windows Explorer in Windows 8/8.1 or File Explorer in Windows 7, you are against the same. FreeCommander XE presents you a solution that has a two side-by-side panes that makes you independent while navigating and copying, along with  one-click features. You can download versions of FreeCommander XE from its site without a hitch or a hitchhiker.

2. 7-Zip


Now finally Windows 8 added the feature to look into ISO files but you still need 7-Zip to see them in Win7 – Win8 Windows Explorer still doesn’t support RAR compressed files. it is getting famous as Mac use continues to rise. With 7-Zip you can make password-protected Zip files,and self-extracting Zips. Its free, you need not to register for 7-Zip. Beware of same name sites. Just go to its site 7-Zip.org. There’s support on the 7-Zip Sourceforge page.

3.  EditPad Lite

EditPad Lite

Notepad is so old now. Everybody now or then needs a text editor. Now new fantastic new brightly colored file formats running around today. Now, Editpad Lite With tabs, Unicode support, undo/redo, cut/copy/paste, and replace and search all in fast package. It is free for any personal use, the paid package costs only $9 per user. Along with product you need spell checker for free.

4. PicPick


Most of the people has used the Windows Snipping Tool to capture images from the computer screen. But the notification boxes goes away when you click or popover menu disappears the time you move your mouse — you’re in for a treat. Picpick lets you take screenshots with the press of a key, and pressing any item on the screen run for cover. As you take the shoot, an editor of Picpick pops your screen for re sizing and editing. There are number of options like automatic file naming, screen magnification, color picker, color picker, and a half-dozen other screen shooting aids.

5.  Tixati

From many years, a common recommendation is for  uTorrent, but current installer uses Opencandy, which is a notorious piece of crapware. Instead, try Tixati, It is fast , simple to use, supports magnet links ( which simplifies downloads ), it is no java na .Net based application,. It has extensive bandwidth reporting and management. When you visit the download site. At the top of the page you will see the option to download, don’t click it as it is a crapware link. Instead, follow the link to an official site.

6. File Shredder

From time to time every one wants to delete a specific file or overwrite, if you don’t have a little tinfoil hat. If you do wear a little tinfoil hat, File Shredder will surely help you to graduate to big leagues. It has Shred files, free space, folders, entire drives, you name it, using any several shredding algorithms.

7. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is makes easy to find and select the duplicate files that you want to delete, it is an easy-to-use interface. A word of caution:Don’t install Spigot, just uncheck the spigot.

8. SpaceSniffer

If you want to know what is taking space on your hard drive, then just run SpaceSniffer. There is no requrment of installation, it has simple EXE file – sao there is no malware, no funny stuff. Just double click on a folder to see all the components and you can click on a folder or file to get more details. There is a filtering capability for MP4 or JPGs files.

9. Comodo Backup

Windows & has a decent backup and restore function. You can find tracks of Win7 backup buried in Windows 8, but it’s totally a pain. Now, Microsoft wants you to use its new backup method, it results into a Comodo Backup that runs rings all around. Comodo gives you 10 GB of free online storage space and sell you out the extra one. But basically, itis free and work like a champion.

10. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player just plays anything including YouTube Flash FLV files, there is no additional software, no headaches, no downloads. Most of the people uses it regularly for videos. unlike other media players, VLC has a simple and Spartan controls, built-in codecs for number of file type formats. Also, there are a large and vocal online support community. VLC plays Internet streaming media with a click, converts between file types, records played media, and even supports individual frame screen shots. It has a unique feature that it starts playing downloaded media before the download’s finished.

11. Image Resizer

The Windows XP PowerToys included a fabulous, fast and image re-sizer. Just right-click on a photo, choose Resize Pictures, and photo will be re sized. After Windows XP, it was not updated. So an employee of Microsoft  Brice Lambson  bring you the free Image Resizer to the latest versions of Windows. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t support Image Resizer. But Brice does.

12. Paint.net

There are various good free image editors around the market, its hard to choose one from all. For example, IrfanView, has various good organizing and re sizing capabilities. For powerful, easy-to-use editing, with plug-ins, and all sorts of special effects, and layers, and along with easily understood interface. I have one choice that is Paint.Net. It requires .Net Framework, the program puts all the editing tools into a remarkably intuitive package.

13. VirtualDub

For those people who don’t want to expense a good amount of money for an expensive Windows video editor, and refuse to switch to Apple’s iMovie, VirtalDub is a good compromise – and the affordable pricing. It is totally AVI based, but it can handle screen captures, MPEG-1, and BMP files. Installation is not required and it runs fast, easily and simply.

14. HandBrake

Windows doesn’t rip DVDs. Period. There is a very good application that is used to Rip DVDs, Handbrake is a open source software at its finest. It has number of options that should cover even the extremely complex and difficult cases.

15. Secunia PSI

If you want to keep your computer up-to-date, there is a Secunia Personal Software Inspector that scans every program on your computer and tells you regarding wayward programs that haven’t been patched. PSI has a knowledge about 3,000 programs. You can go for automatic program update  as  well as for manual  intervention, everything will be patched. PSI also respects  Windows Update settings– it let you install Microsoft patches on the schedule. Free PSI is for personal use; CSI corporate editions available.

16. Autoruns


Autoruns has an ability to figure out the auto-starting programs like  codecs, gadgets, add-ins, drivers,  shell extensions, etc. from any uncertain places than any other program, from anywhere. It let you turn individual programs to turn off. There are many features like directly jumping to folders holding auto-starting programs, filtering the Microsoft-signed programs, and it also displays file hashes. It does not requires installation.

17. HWiNFO

WE have a useful utility for you, that tells you abut the hardware that beats inside your system. HWiNFO looks into nook and cranny. It shows you system summary in detailed Device Manager-style trees of information. It has each and every sort of information regarding your system. HWiNFO has a real-time monitoring panel showing most of the things like speeds, usage, voltages, wattages, clocks, Temperatures,  hard drive SMART stats, write rates, CPU load, , read rates, network throughput, and so on.

18. PDF-XChange Viewer

I have a new product to you for recommendation – it has many features like text overlay, OCR conversion, etc. but also with less  installer hitchhikers. PDF-XChange Viewer gives you most of the features that commonly desktop users needs. Good news, this Viewer is free for businesses, too.

19. Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is truly an uninstaller program. When you use Revo, it keeps trcks of the how the uninstaller works, looking the locations of  program files and for Registry keys that the uninstaller zaps. After un-installation, it just goes in and removes leftover pieces. It also maintains own internal database for commonly-left-behind bits, and removes those out as well. The not-free “Pro” version monitors your system, making removal easier and more complete.

20. Process Explorer

Process Explorer tells you insight regarding which files are currently open by what program. It gives you the exact file that need to be killed to stop the program.  Process Explorer also gives you full information on all of the svchost processes running on your PC. By moving mouse over a process, you can see the command line i.e the path to the executable file. Just right click and find more about the executable.

21. Recuva


Piriform’s Recuva ( recover ) is a through, fast and free undelete tool. When you delete even the recycle bin, the files strored are not destroyed intead the sapace they occupy is earmarked for new data. Undelete routines put the pieces back together. as long as new data is not added. With Recuva there’s a good chance you can get most of the deleted stuff back.

22. LastPass


To remember user ids and passwords for number of login forms sometimes become hectic. To solve this problem there is LastPass is there, it keeps track of your user ids, passwords, and some other settings, it sores your information into a cloud, and offers them to you with just a click. LastPass does its AES-256 encrypting and decrypting on your PC. LastPass works as a browser add-on for Firefox, IE, or Chrome. so all of the passwords are stored at one place but you need the master password..

23. EMET

Microsoft’s EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit) guides Windows to use two malware-busting defense systems. ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) makes harder for malware to hook into specific locations; and DEP (Data Execution Protection) makes harder for malware to lurk in parts of memory.

24. Kaspersky TDSSKiller

As the name suggestes you that TDSSKiller kills the TDSS rootkit, but the product does much more simply because so many common rootkits are based on, or derived from, TDSS. The current version detects and removes SST, ZeroAccess, Pihar, Whistler, Sinowal, Trup, Stoned, RLoader, Cmoser, Phanta, and Cidox. It works on Windows. To run the program, just fill the form on the TDSSKiller page, then Kaspersky will send the download link. No installation is required only EXE works.

25. Malwarebytes


There are many good alternatives for antivirus such as Malwarebytes is a free version designed to run manually. Malwarebytes picks up all sorts of creepy crawlies that get past AV programs. When combined with  Malwarebytes forum, Malwarebytes is the ultimate fallback for infected systems – whether you know them as infected or not.