Top 10 Free Microsoft Programs of 2012

Microsoft makes a staggering array of fantastic, free software. We have our favourite downloads from the list. As 2012 comes to its end, many new and old software have changed the way we use to use our favorite programs. For many PC users some of these software will come handy as they will make your time save and give you the exact outcome you ever wanted with your software.

These free microsoft software are not categorised, but we have made sure to make this list for every PC user. You will find photo techniques , video editing easier then before, also the templates and images from the resources of microsoft will come in handy for your day to day office needs. Let us know if you have any other software / program that we can add to this list, we will surely try them.

1. Instant Artist was designed as a free alternative to the very basic art program Paint, which was appeared in nearly all versions of windows. Created by a Microsoft intern and sanctioned by Microsoft, is not an official Microsoft program, but is still definitely part of its ecosystem, and looked to address its predecessor’s limitations and provide Windows with a much more powerful package. Head to, then follow the get it now options and when you’re installing it click ‘Quick Install’. To get yourself up and running use the program’s excellent help features which you’ll find at the right-hand side of the menu bar.

2. Amazing Panoramas

Panoramic photographs are huge images made by joining together a patchwork of component images. Microsoft’s Image Composite Editer (ICE) makes creating dazzling panoramas an absolute doddle. All you need to do is capture your images – we stood on one spot and snapped away whilst turning through 360 degree. When you’re done, drag the images into ICE and the very smart software will do the rest. Due to the huge amount of maths needed to stitch your image together you may need to be patient. Download ICE

3. A Windows Makeover

If your desktop is looking dull, don’t fret. Microsoft offers a huge selection of free themes or makeover packs to download. The process is easy and once installed the packs procide your desktop with new themes backdrops which , in most cases, will change automatically. Right-click on your desktop and select ‘Personalize’ Here you’ll see a basic selection of Aero themes. Click on ‘Get more themes online’ (top right). There you’ll find a huge library organised around subject area. When you see one you like click ‘Details’ for a close look and then ‘Download’ when you’re satisfied.

4. Be a Movie Director

Thanks to smartphones that can captur video, we’re all shooting and showing off movies. To make the most of yours you’ll generally need to do a little editing. Download Windows live movie maker . When it’s working, just drag and drop your clips into the timeline and you’re done. The page also contains hints and tips to will help you get started. When you’ve finished your masterpiece, the app makes it easy to share your movies via facebook or simply save them out so you can email your project.

5. Cheating in the Office

Microsoft’s office applications- word, excel and powerpoint – are essential in the modern workplace. If you want to impress your boss with your mastery of these programs, there’s a simple way to achieve legendary status: cheat . Microsoft offers a huge number of template documents you can download and either use as they are or adjust to suit your needs. Head off to microsoft templates. If you’re looking for a new job there’s massive number of CV templates waiting to be downloaded. There are also business forms, such as planners, time sheets and schedules, waiting for excel users. It’s not all work and o play though, as you can also download wedding invitations, planners and event tickets.

6. Supreme Stargazing

If you’re fascinated by the night sky then you’ll love the WorldWide Telescope. It’s an amazing project from Microsoft Research that turns your PC into a planetarium. The program pulls in  data from telescopes around the world and also ones in space such as hubble. To get starteed visit and click ‘Install Window Client’. When the program runs you’ll be presented with a list of essential keyboard controls. Make a not of those and you’re away! To begin your exploration, click on a collection from the top bar and prepare to be amazed. If you’re following the current Mars Curiosity Rover mission, be sure to check out the WorldWide Telescope’s Mars section.

7. Your Free Art Gallery

Finding the right picture to accompany presentation, brochure or website can be difficult. It can also be costly as professional image libraries can charge a great deal of money. Don’t worry though. If you head to this link you’ll find a great collection of images and clip art just waiting to be used. The downloads are organised into categories such as animals, sports and nature. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look to the left for a full list. When you see something you like, click on it then copy and paste to insert the image into your work document.

8. Come back Clippy

If you’re used to older versions of Word you might remember Clippy, a chummer paper clip who used to pop up and office adice. Clippy was pensioned off when Office 2007 appeared. Since then Microsoft has embraced the Ribbon, an interface that adapts by sensing what you’re truing to do. Though cleaver, the Ribbon isn’t popular with everybody. To help Ribbon refuseniks along Microsoft has brought Clippy back in training game Ribbon Hero 2. Donwload it from

9. A Video Says it All

Explaining how to use a certain program’s feature can be a nightmare. No matter how clearly you understand how to achieve a given goal, communicating the necessary steps and clicks to get there can often be a frustrating process. If you often find yourself in this predicament then you need Screen recorder  Download it from here and install it on your PC (it works with Windows XP onwards). When running, the handy program will make a video of the desktop, showing everything you do and click on, which you can then email to your confused friends and colleagues. The video files are small so you should’t have a problem emailing them.

10. Come fly with Me

Microsoft Flight is a flight simulator game that puts you behind the controls of various aeroplanes and lets you experience a pilot’s life first hand. You can download the basic game for free – this provides a limited number of aeroplanes and places around which you can fly. That said, even in its most basic configuration the game looks utterly amazing and is brilliant absorbing. To get the best from it you will need a powerful computer and time to spend learning the necessary skills. Do beware that the game download, which is avialble from , is a very big program, measuring over 1.7GB in total.

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