Top 8 Best Apps and Addons for Email in iOS – Alternatives to the Regular Mail App

Emailing in iOS has been a key for the iDevices. With so many functions like support for many type of accounts and its unified inbox makes it easy to see all your messages in one place without being distracted by outgoing notes, reminders and spam.

Here we’ll walk you through some essential tips forexploitingthedefaultMail app to the full, and then we’ll pick out some of the best alternatives and add-ons to make sure you get the most out of email on the move.

1. Group Email-$4.99

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With Group Email! you can send email with attachments to single contacts, to groups, to handpicked set of contacts or to custom distribution lists. You can optionally attach photos, videos, documents, emails, locations information with map and address, audio clips, pasteboard content and contacts information (vCard or text).

2. Sparrow

Small, but tough

Get mail done – Lightweight and fast, Sparrow is the simplest way to get to inbox zero. Try it and never look back.Spend less time on mail – Conversations makes it easier and faster to browse your mail. The Quick Reply fosters brevity and responsiveness.A tailored inbox – Create an inbox at your image. Minimalistic or full- fledged, Sparrow can suit your needs.

3. mailPro

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mailPro is a Hotmail, MSN & Windows Live account manager with essential features to keep your email synchronized.The native POP3 Hotmail & Windows Live email provides limited capabilities for accessing your email. For example, it’s not even possible to delete your emails on the server, or synchronize the read/unread status of your emails, or browseyour mail folders…mailPro provides an easy and streamlined interface analogous to the native iPhone/iPod email application, while unlocking the multi-facet functionality of your Hotmail and/or Windows Live account

4. Gmail

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Get the official Gmail experience for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.With the Gmail app, you can:? Receive notification badges for new messages? Read your mail with threaded conversations? Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting, and reporting spam? Keep track of important messages with priority inbox? Auto-complete contact names as you type? Send and receive attachments? Search through all your mail

5. SmartSender

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Have you waited until 0 o’clock to send a message to your friend to say Happy Birthday with sleepy eyes? Now you can open SmartSender, select your friend’s phone number, schedule the time, write down what you want to say, then just go to bed, SmartSender will keep awake until it send your message at the scheduled time.

SmartSender is a powerful tool of sending messages and mails. It can send messages and mails at a scheduled date automatically or just remind you to send messages and mails. Messages and mails will be sent from your own phone number and mail address, just like them are sent by yourself.

6. Postcard

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Create beautiful electronic postcards on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and send them to your friends and family. Pick an image from your photos album, snap an image with the camera or fetch a map from your current location. Add some style with picture frames and multiple font choices. Your Postcards will look stunning!

7. Email n Walk

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It works really well and does exactly what it is supposed to do, but it would be FANTASTIC if you could also text.

8. eMailGanizer Pro

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Advanced email reader with intelligent filing. If you use email folders, you know that filing emails with your iPhone can be a time-consuming task. Most people don’t file emails until they get to a desktop, effectively doubling the time spent on each email.eMailGanizer reclaims that time by allowing you to rapidly file emails using your iPhone. eMailGanizer can file most emails with just 2 taps, no matter how many folders you have. It uses advanced technology that learns your filing style, and it speeds the filing process by presenting the folders most relevant for each email.

eMailGanizer is also a powerful email reader that provides integration with your task manager and the iPhone calendar.