Top 5 Best Free Online Radio Apps For Linux Users

Music is one thing that keeps me going! In today’s digital world, one is never short of options to enjoy the music. In-fact I have a huge collection of songs in my laptop and MP3 player but at times I feel the need of regular updates and news for which radio is the best choice.

Online radio is one of the coolest options to enjoy the music and remain aware of the happenings around the world. To let you enjoy radio, we keep writing about the online radio availability like free apps and softwares.

A few days back we came up with Adobe Air application-Antenna that allows you to enjoy thousands of radio stations online in windows. This time I planned to come up with five best free online radio apps for Linux users.

1. Radio Tray :

Radio Tray is a minimal radio player available for the Linux users. It’s an online radio streaming player application with minimal interface that runs on Linux system tray. Radio Tray is Free Software licensed under the GPL. I must say it’s the best app that lets you enjoy radio that keeps playing in the background without hampering your work. Radio Tray supports media formats like PLS, M3U, ASX, WAX and WVX. When the ‘Configure radios’ window pops up, you need to select ‘Add’ to add the radio stations name and the URL of the stream. Select OK and your enjoy. The app is totally free.

Download Radio Tray

2. Streamtuner

Streamtuner is an app that allows the linux users to connect and enjoy a number of ‘internet radio’ shows. Offering an intuitive GTK+ 2.0 interface to internet radio directories like SHOUTcast and Live365, the streamtuner app lets you enjoy large number of music resources in a fast and clean interface.

Download Streamtuner

3. Rhythmbox :

Rhythmbox is an integrated music management application that was originally inspired by iTunes. Supporting number of audio formats, it works well under the GNOME desktop and is based on the powerful GStreamer media framework.

Download Rythmbox.

4. TunaPie

TunaPie is an app that’s compatible with the Icecast directory and the Shoutcast stream directory service. The app can play TV streams and allows you to record both audio and video streams using streamripper. Besides this, you can use it with your favorite audio/video player too.

Download TunaPie

5. Pithos Is Pandora

One of the best Internet radio app Pandora that can be accessed without a browser and flash. The app can be used if you are based in US because the service doesn’t work anywhere else in the world. The app works really well and lets you enjoy the online radio while you do your work.

Download Pandora

To conclude, the apps listed above are simply cool and the best part is that each of these come totally free. Linux users, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the apps and enjoy the radio online!