Top 10 Desktop Apps Which Can Make You a Gmail Pro

Gmail is the Google’s most popular email service. Gmail is simple with large functionality and extensibility. You can email, chat, and store all your messages.

Below is the list of top 10 tools of desktop applications which can make you a Gmail pro.

1. Blogsigs Just forget about your old blog signature in your email. Use this tool to link to your latest blog post from your email signature. It supports Mac OS X, Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Mozilla Firefox 2.

2. Gdisk You can always have access to your important mails, files on internet by using this software. This software can turn your Gmail account into a portable drive on your system.

To use this software you need Mac OS X (10.3 or above) and GMail account.

3. Gmail Assistant This is a free open source java based software notify for multiple gmail and Google apps email account. It uses IMAP over SSL to access your account in a secure manner.

Single-File Deployment, Zero Installation, No Traces Left Behind, Convenient Features and Easy Updates are the features of this software.

5. Gmail Mobile Mobile Gmail application. The features of this app are Search, Conversation view, Stars and labels, Floaty bar, Archive, Mute and Move, Pam Filtering, Keyboard Shortcuts, Address auto-complete etc.

6. Gmail Todo This is Add To-do list in Gmail which is called as Tasks. You can add tasks, reorder them, cross out the completed one, switch to a new list.

7. GMDesk This is a free Google tool which you can access from your desktop. This tool lets you run Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Maps as a stand-alone application. You don’t need to open it up in a web browser.

To switch between the application use Alt-Tab(Windows or Linux) or Cmd-Tab (Mac). It also supports Google Apps access as well.

8. GPhotospace This is a Firefox add-on to access the free storage space provided by Gmail to store and sharephotos online. This is the fastest way of sharing your photos. You can create photo albums, upload number of Photos and share with others.

9. KCheckGmail This notifies you about the new mail in your Google account. This is a Gmail notifier for KDE.

Features of this tool are smaller(around 230KB), eMail snippets with or without attachments, Customizable search, Store password in a secure manner, Customizable check interval and Secure login and data retrieval.

Besides English, also available in other languages such as French, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish and many more.

10. GSN SMS Notifier This notifies you by sending a SMS for new mail in your Gmail account. This is a freeware tested on Windows XP and Windows Vista.