The Importance of Software Localization In 2022

Software Localization

Localization of software is the process of adapting your application or program to conform to the requirements of a particular language and cultural context. This process usually requires changes to the interface for users which includes all text, images, and multimedia.

Software that is successfully localized will display the look and feel of an application that appears and functions as if it was created to be used by users of any area around the globe.

Why is this so important? 

Think about the fact that 45 percent of all app downloads originate from China and you’ll be able to understand why it’s important to ensure that your app is available in the vast markets in which English isn’t the only language spoken. This will also advocate the importance of mobile app localization services

What’s the significance of the localization of software?

The process of localization involves changing the code, error codes, or messages. Also, you can access online assistance as well as end-user license agreements technical specifications, legal requirements, and other resources.

It is also essential to adapt measurements and units of measurement, as well as the formats for formatting numbers, times, and dates. The payment method and currency are also required to be localized. Such minute details may be ignored by the normal businessman, but if you aim to expand then it is obligatory to take into account all of these. Hence, experts advise taking assistance from Professional software localization services. 

This guarantees compatibility between fonts and also ensures that you comply with the copyright or security measures that are in place for every region.

6 Steps For Localizing Software 

There are six essential steps for localizing software:

  1. Locate the source files needed to translate
  2. Translate content
  3. Review translations for errors
  4. Include the translated files in your code structure
  5. The dialog boxes can be resized as needed.
  6. Compile, build and test the resulting software for all markets

Also, you should remember that you must translate the software to languages with different alphabets than those the document was originally written. When English software has been translated to Japanese or Arabic the screen will appear totally different. Hence, thesoftware localizationservices have to be very careful in this regard.

The buttons and their content must be moved in the same manner. This is why the design of the user’s interface should accommodate any changes.

Source Materials 

The source materials must be designed (or made entirely from the ground up) to be easily translatable. This applies to both the creative aspect (the design) and to the technical aspect (the codes). This is what is referred to as internationalization.

Taking Care Of Linguistic Variations

Last but not least, keep in mind that the amount of space that is occupied by different languages differs. German for instance is a dialect in which the use of extremely long words is common. English however, on the other hand, is one of the languages that is the most concise.

Why Software Localization is Important for International Businesses?

Many new companies emerged during the globalization era and hence recognize the importance of professional website localization services to be able to access a range of markets. However, localization is crucial for companies of all sizes. By focusing only on English-speaking markets, one ignores a significant portion of the global population.

There are around 7.8 billion people living in the globe around the world, and 1.35 billion people speak English. Furthermore, only 360 million people have English as their primary language, which means the majority of our English spoken population is at ease working with other languages.

In countries with a single language, there are many potential customers who speak a different dialect. If your market is bilingual, there are some who may prefer one particular language over the other.

Three reasons to consider why software localization is crucial for international companies:

1. Reach New Markets Fast

Before embarking on an effort to localize your product, you must identify the most lucrative market to market your products. It is possible to use this information to decide where to begin your localization campaign.

Agile software development helps you deploy your products even faster. A full overhaul of your software is expensive. Therefore, you must employ an entire team of linguists, engineers, translators, and developers to produce results in a short time.

2. Expand Your Customer Base

Your customer base is comprised of regular customers who return and continue to use your product.

Localization helps your customers appreciate the product and are willing to share their experience with other customers. Since new customers are now regular customers, you’ll generate more steady revenue streams. Therefore, don’t shy away from that taking assistance from website localization services. If your software is available to these communities, you’ll enjoy many advantages. Social media marketing and word-of-mouth chats can help increase your client base.

3. Improve the User Experience

Every dollar you invest in UX will return between $10 and $100 to your business. When you localize your software, you’re substantially improving user experience all around the world. The localization feature allows your program to adapt to the customs and trends in the linguistics of the users who use it within a particular geographical area.

In this scenario, app localization services will be of great help. 


In this article, we discussed the importance of software localization.

In today’s day and age, translating and localizing websites, apps, and software has become a necessity. One cannot succeed without taking assistance from translation services. Hence, do not shy away and put yourself in the best position