The Essential Board Portal Software Checklist

Board Portal Software

Board portal software has been a boon for many companies, health organizations, credit unions, and Crown agencies across North America. In a market saturated with new and fancy technology, board portal software stands out for being able to deliver features that really do drive results.

But not all board portal software offers you the same level of functionality and security. Keep reading to see a checklist outlining the best benefits of board technology that you need from your software.

1. Improve Board Meeting Prep

When you use the best board portal software, you can prep for meetings in minutes instead of hours. Admins can easily upload and aggregate board packages, swap in new documents, edit existing documents, and alert board directors of any new changes.

2. Access Permissions

The best board portals give you full control over access permissions for committees and sub-committees, so it’s easy to determine who in your organization can access what documents. Keep sensitive information on a strictly need-to-know basis with just the click of a button.

3. Keep Organized, Easily

Board portals should easily integrate with other digital calendars to make scheduling board meetings totally effortless. Meeting invitations should easily be added to whatever calendar you already use, like Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, and Outlook Calendar.

The board portal’s own calendar app should clearly present details you need to know for upcoming board meetings, and send you in-app alerts so you never miss an update.

4. Store Documents in a Centralized Location

If you need to access any board material to prepare for a meeting, such as agendas, attendance reports, or minutes from past meetings, they’ll all be stored in one centralized place. They’re always fully accessible no matter where the director happens to be, since the software is cloud-based.

Directors who belong to more than one board can access all their relevant material with a single username and password. All the board material they’ll need is all in one place.

5. Powerful Collaboration Tools

Now, directors can work together no matter how physically apart they may be. Directors can run more efficient board meetings by receiving input privately from other directors or by creating discussions on important issues. They can also annotate documents for their own use, or share these documents with other directors.

Board chairs can call for votes and signatures on demand, and the software tabulates results in real time. This helps to ensure everyone is on the same page when the meeting starts.

6. Work On the Go

The best board portal software also works offline, so you can work with or without an internet connection. Expect the board portal software to automatically sync up when reconnected to Wi-Fi. Online or offline, directors can always work on any laptop, tablet, or desktop.

A wide range of organizations across North America are increasingly reliant on technology like board portal software to keep their directors connected securely and efficiently. Just make sure that the board portal software you choose can do these six things, and your organization will have all the tools it needs.