The 5 best OCR tools to extract text from images

OCR tools

When you have reams of paper, how do you get all this printed text converted into something that a digital program will be able to recognize and index? Yes, that’s right; you use an OCR software or application service. Extracting text with OCR is a subject we have covered non-stop since a few years ago. But OCR applications in this area continue to expand, so here are 5 best OCR softwareyou should look at if you are looking to extract or edit the text of a scanned document.


PDFelement is a powerful and easy-to-use PDF editing system that lets you create, organize and protect your files. With its flexible pricing, complete modules and flawless performance, PDFelement is the favorite document management system for many leading companies, including several Fortune 500 representatives. From the point of view of the user, this tool is quite complete and easy to use, but Wondershare went even further by presenting the optional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) plugin which really translates into added value, simply because it can be scanned a document and make it editable, maintaining the original layout. The OCR also supports converting text into multiple languages like English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Romanian, Greek, among others.In our opinion, this is the best so it deserves to be ranked first in this list.

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This tool works well in various popular formats such as Microsoft Office, PDF and so on. One of its unique advantages is its ability to compare documents and add comments and annotations. His ability to work on 192 languages makes it one of the best. This is also added to the availability of a companion mobile application for fast scanning of mobile phones.

FreeOCR To Word

The company behind this free OCR software promises 99.8% accuracy, and the application also retains the original formatting. As the title indicates, text and formatting are transferred to an editable Word document, but text (.txt) files are also possible. It recognizes all major image formats as well as Photoshop files. It’s just a shame however, that all these great applications are only for Windows. Where is the love for Mac and Linux owners? This brings us back again to Google’s Tesseract OCR engine, which doubles as engine room to this fairly well-designed graphical interface. The reader was useful because it automatically detects the layout of the page. Or if it makes a slight breast of it, you can manually readjust the areas. The text is placed to the right of the scanned / document image, so you can see if everything is being taken down as it should. It does basic editing of the text as well as spell checking (if you downloaded the relevant dictionary). This software is one of best free OCR software.


This OCR tool serves a dual role. First of all, it is a screen capture tool that then takes the image and converts it to the Windows Clipboard. You can just copy and paste your target text. Second, it has voice recognition technology, which transcribes your words to you. The site says this is experimental so do not expect perfect results at the moment. Those with dreamy muffler accentuate how mine can have difficulties.


And you thought it would end without some Mac love, would not it? If you need to do any OCR, then here is VueScan for the ransom. It connects to your scanner, and one of the advantages (the site actually listed as a con) is that it’s a very lightweight program. No bloating, but not many features either.

So, what OCR programs float your boat? Want OCR software free download? Are you a Google Drive OCR user maybe? Or a user from another we do not cover here? Your decision is determined by your needs.

Image Credits: OCR tools from marvent /Shutterstock