The 411 on Choosing the Right SAP Solution for Your Business

SAP Solution

Say your business has a fantastic product, an incredible sales team, and robust marketing tools to stimulate website traffic. Despite your best efforts, a difficult to navigate website can drive customers to your computers with the one lagging click.

Server downtime is an online business’ worst nightmare, causing customers to grow frustrated as you sift through the long-list of erroneous culprits. Typical system mishaps include unavoidable human error, widespread power outages, destructive cyberattacks, and IT infrastructure failure.

Although businesses employ cautionary measures to reduce downtime, it’s nearly impossible to eliminate outages 100 percent of the time. IT managers shudder at the mention of network failure as even small system breakdowns can spell disaster for businesses. Depending on the severity of the outage, sales, productivity, and data can be lost or eroded as your companies reputation plummets.

Fortunately, high-performance analytic applications like SAP HANA can reduce network outages significantly. SAP HANA features multi-model processing, database management, and increased security capabilities for a smooth-running operation. Alongside a high redundancy infrastructure, SAP HANA can help you achieve minimal levels of downtime company-wide.

Furthermore, SAP S/4HANA—an ERP system exclusively ran on SAP HANA platforms— allows for streamlined performance, increased agility, and simplified processes, perfect for companies looking for SAP resolutions. New-and-improved computing solutions are central in conducting business in today’s sophisticated and rapidly changing environment.

Although choosing between conventional SAP ERP solutions versus modernized S/4HANA operations may seem complicated, the good news is that you don’t have to go at it alone once. Industry experts like SUSE can help you implement and manage your ERP so you can take full advantage of everything it has to offer.

Choosing the right SAP solution for Your Business

SAP is a world-famous market leader in ERP solutions, offering businesses improved finance, human resource, quality management, and CRM capabilities. 

Maximize the potential of powerful SAP software by carefully identifying your business needs, scaling goals, and standard system failures. Here are tips to watch out for to make the most out of helpful SAP software.

Clearly define your purpose

You may find yourself in a sticky SAP software situation without clearly identifying your goals and needs. SAP ERPs come with several modules: finance management, system controls, inventory management, quality assurance, and more. Without a detailed business outline, you run the risk of applying software unaligned with your company needs, wasting time and money.

Choose a trustworthy SAP provider

Not only are SAP providers essential during initial purchase processes, but they’re also necessary tools for offering ongoing technical assistance. Evade system failure disasters by avoiding dazzling, flashy demos with a cheap price tag. Instead, employ a trustworthy vendor to partner with indefinitely. This way, downtime and future-related software implementation issues are handled promptly by a trusted professional.

Familiarize with SAP features

To fully benefit from reputable SAP software, you must urge your employees to investigate system failures in depth. By conducting frequent training, especially in the initial implementation stage, you decrease the risk of future catastrophes and prepare your staff for unexpected errors.

Wrap up

During early development, companies employed SAP software infrequently. However, because of its agility, speed, and simplicity, SAP systems are ubiquitous in many companies. You too can reap the benefits by selecting a reputable vendor, training staff on critical processes, and implementing software during the correct stage.