The 10 Best iPhone Apps For Instant Messaging

Instant messaging apps are in good numbers today, in App Store you will probably find more than hundreds of apps that allow you to send messages instantly.

Many of these apps are totally free and easy to use, which may be the reason for being so popular among every age group.

Today in this article we will see some of the best iPhone apps for Instant messaging.


WhatsApp is one of most popular among mobile phone messaging app. It allows you to send messages without paying anything. Facebook acquired it in Feb 2014 for $19 billion. It has more than 450 million users that are active on a monthly basis.


One of my favorite apps on iPhone that provides free instant messaging.


A cross-platform messaging app that allow users to send and receive messages for free. It allows videos, audio and images same like Whatsapp. In Feb 2014, it was acquired by Rakuten for $900 million. Currently, it has a user base of about 300 million subscribers.


Tencent released WeChat in China and now it is used globally. More than 450 million active users use it on a monthly basis.


The Line came from Japanese market that also allow personal computers and smartphones to be connected with free messages and voice calls.


Its very popular among teenagers due to its stickers and design.


A multi-platform app from South Korea that has about 100 million subscribers and it allows you to send receive messages for free. This app started its functioning in March 2015.


Kik was introduced in Oct 2010 by a group of students from a Canadian University.


With no logins and passwords, you can send text messages, photos, videos and play games with friends and family while calling them. It is again a multi-platform app for smartphones, PCs and tablets.


In Asia, particularly in India its a popular competitor of Facebook Messenger. More than 25 million subscribers are from India, and a total of 100 million users uses this free messaging app.



Hike is jointly ventured by India’s Bharti Telecom and Japan’s Softbank Telecom that provides free instant messaging and SMS together.


Last but not the least MessageMe is another free smartphone messenger providing a unique way to express user’s personality with every message. Its was developed in 2013 making it harder to survive among the popular IM market.