SysAid: A Valuable and Agile Solution for Your IT Organization


One of the most integral parts of any companyís IT program is its service desk software. While there are many viable solutions out there, there are also a wide variety of software options that donít quite work as well as they should. A good service desk solution should always:

  • Take into account the often frenetic lifestyles of IT professionals and have mobile functionality
  • Should efficiently aggregate tickets so that they are accessible and quickly resolvable by support personnel
  • Organize issues and inquiries received by other means like those received via email and customer portals

With all of these in mind, the service desk software by SysAid is an excellent solution for those companies looking to manage their IT workflow. Letís take a look at the features that make SysAid shine.

Mobile and Remote Desktop Functionality

Since IT professionals are always on the go, itís important for a help desk solution to deliver information on ticketing, customer inquiries and other vital forms of information on mobile platforms. SysAid, fortunately, can deliver this information no matter where the IT staff is. With its remote control support, itís relatively easy to log into the service desk software with most versions of Windows (Windows XP and above) and see things like server status, pending tickets and the status of the assets.

In addition to functionality on Windows-based machines, this information is also fully accessible from just about any mobile platform like Android, Windows Phone, or iOS; the platform just needs to have a HTML5-capable browser. This functionality is enabled as a default setting with SysAid; youíll just need to have your login credentials and know the URL of the specific mobile HTML5 site.

Additionally, the SysAid Mobile Apps are available on all mobile platforms. This IT service management (ITSM) software is a useful interface into whatís happening at your companyís service desk, and many of the functions are perfect for busy IT professionals. Your team can update the status of open tickets, change the due date, or even accept or reject any open requests – all from their phone or tablet.

When any connection is established with your IT infrastructure through SysAid, it is very secure. Once connected, you can even use the software when a firewall is enabled.

KPI Aggregation and Visualization

For it to be effective, any IT organization needs to have strong key performance indicators (KPIs) to function at peak efficiency. Built into SysAid is a KPI analysis software that uses a suite of 15 business intelligence metrics to provide valuable insights into how well your IT is performing.

When you aggregate data from a report, SysAid will automatically animate the data points so that they are easier to understand. This makes it easier to compare performance to benchmarks or to directly see how well your IT organization is doing compared to your competitors. With this information, itíll be much easier to create sound business strategies that can streamline your IT process.

Self-Service Support

These days there is a trend: most customers are more IT-knowledgeable and want to execute their solutions. With this in mind, there has been a trend towards self-service and SysAid performs well in this regard

Most systems issues can be resolved quickly, but that being said, even an issue that can be resolved in less than five minutes can eat up valuable time for your IT staff. With this in mind, SysAid has features such as:

  • The ability for users to submit tickets via email
  • The ability to access a knowledge base and to receive guidance via FAQs
  • The ability for users to submit incidents

A Comprehensive UI

The SysAid UI is well organized and comprehensively designed. From the UI, your IT team can create customized asset views, manage existing tickets, set escalation rules, create customizable user surveys, and file reports. While it is a bit complex (your team may require extensive training), its functionality will greatly streamline your overall IT experience.

SysAid even offers videos, demos and tutorials on their page that can help your IT team acclimate to the robust functionality experience offered in the asset management software.

Regular Updates

The service desk software by SysAid is constantly being made better by the company. The company is also constantly releasing security patches so that you can have the most secure and up-to-date experience with the SysAid asset management software.

Final Thoughts

Overall, SysAid is an agile, versatile and powerful solution for your service desk needs. Your team will be able to work with IT management when they are out on-call, theyíll be able to manage your tickets and inquiries with a high degree of efficiency, and theyíll be able to monitor assets with relative ease. Additionally, SysAid has some of the best asset visualization and network detection available today.