StreamSend Review

When it comes to best email marketing services, StreamSend has created its own place with their unlimited image hosting along with video emailing, advanced automation and numerous other features which are included in its standard pricing. There are few features and services for which you may have to pay extra.


When you buy this product, it comes with a huge set of features, without any additional costs. Few of the features included in standard package.

1. It provides professionally designed templates that fit all screens, whether it is for mobile or desktop.

2. With its advanced behavioral automation, you also get trigger-based messaging along with various list segmentation.

3. It also provides RSS to email along with Private IP address.

4. It provides social sharing via various websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

5. It also allows you to track your email, video and social campaigns from a single and central dashboard.

6. It comes with email analyzer which allows you to view up to 30 email clients and run the email campaign through 9 different spam filter before sending them.


1. It has quite an easy, fast and responsive interface which assists the customers to send emails with convenience.

2. It also comes with an unlimited amount of image hosting.

3. The user can easily drag-and-drop video emails in way simpler way.

4. It comes with templates which are professionally designed along with an HTML editor.

5. It also provides customizable sign-up forms.

6. It has through 9 spam filters before sending the email.

7. It provides Google Analytics integration with its service,

8. The user can export various reports to Microsoft Excel or other .csv formats.


1. This service is costlier than its competitors.

2. It doesnt come with any mobile apps.

3. It doesnt provide online chat along with no phone or email support on weekends.

4. It has quite limited integration capability with various online software or apps.


StreamSend provides a lot of impressive features with costlier pricing. It lacks mobile app and has limited integration options which is quite standard with other email marketing services. It provides unlimited image hosting that is a huge advantage along with its intuitive interface.

We recommend this service for its varied features, but we would like to notify that this service does come with some limitations. In case you try this service, then do let us know about your views, suggestions, and comments in the specified section below.