Stellar Repair for QuickBooks® Software – Product Review


In this post, I will be sharing my experience of using Stellar Repair for QuickBooks® software. It is a reliable and efficient QBW file repair tool that helps fix corruption in the file and restore it with all its data intact. The tool helps repair a severely corrupted Company file, preventing you from accessing the file and its data. It also allows selecting a QuickBooks® backup file (QBB) to recover maximum data from the corrupted file.

How to Use Stellar Repair for QuickBooks® Software?

The software is available as a free demo version that allows the user to preview all the recoverable data of a Company file. However, to save the data, the licensed version of the software needs to be activated. To validate the software’s effectiveness, I decided to download and install the demo version.  

After installing and launching the software demo version, I was presented with the software main interface window. It had two options to select a corrupt QuickBooks Company file (QBW). I clicked on the Browse option to select the QBW file to be repaired. You can use the Find option to search for the QBW file if its location is unknown.

After selecting the corrupted QBW file, I clicked on the Scan button. This initiated the scanning process.

After completion of the scanning process, a Scan Log dialog box opened with scan details. These include the start and end time of the scanning process, the number of items present and deleted in the Company, Customers, Vendors, and Employees. I clicked on the OK button to proceed with the repair process and skipped saving the scan details. But, you can choose to save the scan details by clicking on the Save Log button.

Clicking on OK displayed a preview of the recoverable Company data, including Charts of Accounts and Items & Services. I clicked on Customers, Vendors, and Employees tab to view their data. I was amazed at the speed and efficiency with which the software scanned and displayed the data that can be retrieved from the corrupted QBW file.

After verifying the data integrity, I purchased and activated the licensed version of the software. Once activated, I clicked on the Save button.

Note: If you’re not satisfied with the preview, click the ‘Advance Option’ located at the bottom of the screen. It uses the QuickBooks® company file (QBW) and the backup file (QBB) to recover as much data as possible from the corrupted file.

A Save File dialog box opened with options to select a New Company File (QBW) or a QuickBooks® backup file (QBB). Since the backup file was not available, I selected the New Company File (QBW) option to create and save a new QBW file with all the repaired file data. After selecting the appropriate option, I clicked on the Save button.

A  screen containing a status bar showing the progress of the repair process and a log report with details of the repair process.

After completion of the repair process, a ‘Repair process completed successfully’ message was displayed along with an option to save the log for future reference.  

I clicked on OK and navigated to the location where I saved the repaired file. I was able to open the Company file and view its data without any modification to the original file.

Concluding Lines

Stellar Repair for QuickBooks® software is an efficient QBW file repair tool that does what it claims: repairs a corrupt QBW file and recovers the data.

The best thing about the software is its simplicity of use, allowing users to repair corrupted QuickBooks® data file in a few simple steps without any technical assistance. Another key feature of the tool is that it allows recovering data from the backup file (QBB). Also, it can work with QuickBooks® Pro edition, Enterprise solution, and Premier edition.