Software Development Outsourcing Companies in Ukraine

Software Development

In the age of the Internet, distance becomes far less of an issue than it used to be. Today hiring people from any corner of the world is as easy as several clicks of the mouse. This tendency brings some new and interesting additions to the worldwide IT market, with successful companies appearing and expanding in sometimes unexpected places. A good example of this tendency is many Ukrainian software development companies.

The Present State Of Software Development In Ukraine

IT development services all across the globe are currently growing in number and size both, and Ukraine is no exception to this tendency. Nearly twelve thousand companies on the Ukrainian market are somehow connected to IT, and approximately 2000 of them are currently providing software development services. More than 100,000 programmers of different levels and areas of expertise are available for hire, with companies from Germany, USA and Britain regularly recruiting them.

Communications with any potential foreign employer won’t be an issue, as according to a survey done this year by a Ukrainian IT portal DOU.ua, nearly 70% of surveyed developers can freely speak and write English.

As is usually the case, most software development companies in Ukraine are located in the largest cities. Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, houses over 900 such companies, with major cities Kharkiv and Lviv being home to a little a hundred companies each. For an employer, it means that outsourcing in Ukraine is mostly confined to its largest cities that can easily be reached if the need arises.

A typical Ukrainian company is relatively small, with hardly more than two hundred personnel and fairly low prices for the modern IT market. Bigger international companies also exist, but they make up the minority of software companies in Ukraine.

Even the largest of Ukrainian companies are usually focused on outsourcing and working with foreign employers, due to the low demand for their services on the Ukrainian IT market. This, in combination with surprisingly good education and low taxes, makes IT outsourcing to Ukraine so rewarding.

The Notable Ukrainian Development Companies


Ukrainian full-service software development company. IDAP build native applications for the iOS, Android, and Web from square one. IDAP began guiding companies into mobile in 2012 and has successfully developed 200+ projects even since.

IDAP is a place where ideas bloom into real valuable products. When working with clients, we try to deliver information in the most accessible and understandable way. We are not code-only tech geeks. We are about craving the knowledge and sharing it.


A large company with offices all across Europe, the US and Japan, this company is easily the largest on the Ukrainian market. ELEKS provides a variety of different cooperation models (such as time and material or dedicated team) for their partners, as well as end-to-end software engineering. The main ELEKS office is located in Lviv.

3. OpenGeeksLab

A relatively young company, OpenGeeksLab was launched back in 2015 as a small group of developers working together on different mobile development projects. Today it’s one of the most successful Ukrainian IT companies, with more than 50 mobile apps designed during 7257+ working hours.

4. Diceus

“Value instead of paychecks for hours”, says the motto of Diceus, the worldwide-known company from Kyiv. This company specializes in developing complex web and mobile solutions, promising the highest quality and timing to their partners. And if we look up the list of companies they’ve worked with over the last years, it’ll be hard to say that those claims are ungrounded.


There are many reasons to work with a Ukrainian company.

Despite the relatively low prices, the quality of their services and products is not inferior to those you can find on the other segments of the modern  IT market. Those companies are also export-oriented, which is another factor that makes dealing with them easier.

And finally, they’re so full of energy and not yet fully realised potential – an exact mix you need if you want to create a truly groundbreaking software product.
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