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SMS Marketing Software

SMS marketing software is a bulk text message sharing tool. It provides businesses to send SMSs to customers addition to help in creating and maintaining contact lists, scheduling message delivery, analyzing response rates, and generating reports. Whether you are in eCommerce business which needs to get or send order delivery messages or a bank that needs to send transaction updates to customers. Businesses are required to have this kind of software to handle all the business engagements.

Advantages of SMS marketing software

SMS marketing is one of the best software and the least expensive marketing techniques that have mass reaching ability. The primary advantages it offers are listed below:

High open rates: About 23 billion text messages are sent each day, of which 97% are opened in comparison to other medium or platforms. Only 20% of emails are opened. This data assures that SMS is seen by the customer in almost all instances. It again gives the reassurance to the businesses that their message will be delivered to the audience.

Better adoption rates with Faster delivery: Unlike emails or any other social media platform, text messages can be delivered to various  types of mobile phones, whether it’s a pager or the latest smartphone. Marketers can give the leverage to the fact that all mobile phones have texting capabilities.

Traceable outcomes: Unlike traditional advertising, SMS marketing can be tracked. The software provides businesses an instant view of campaign performance regarding SMSs sent, opened, read, and answered. This offers marketers to evaluate customer engagement at various levels of the campaign or advertisements, so that ad agencies can improvise as and when required.

Features of SMS Marketing Software

Mass texting: Sending messages in bulk to a bigger audience in a single go.

Contact management: Creating a centralized repository to store contact details, like name, address, and phone number, in an organized and  searchable manner.

Scheduled messaging: Setting a specific time to broadcast messages to individuals or to whole contact lists.

Reporting/Analytics: Determining and reporting the performance of the SMS marketing campaign based on KPIs like messages delivered, read, and answered.

Mobile keywords: Adding unique identifying keywords in the text message to provide readers to perform specific actions during the advertisements and campaign. “START” or “STOP” helps to continue receiving messages.

Price of SMS Marketing Software

Most products in the market charge on the basis of the volume of SMSs you want to send every month. The per SMS per month can be divided into three pricing tiers based on the starting price of products.

A premium product is priced higher that include additional features such as web widgets, additional mobile keywords, and unlimited contacts.

Considerations while buying SMS Marketing Software

Scalability: Most text-based messaging service providers provide plans based on the number of messages to be sent in a month. We must tell and evaluate message volume and choose a plan that best fits the current requirements. Keep in mind that choosing a provider must be done so as to be able to scale-up the solution as the business expands.

Uptime and reliability: Most carriers have started filtering unnecessary SMSs and blocking spam sources to offer a better customer experience. For the SMS to get a higher reach and right audience, it is necessary to get a reliable and reputed SMS service provider. Otherwise you may end up paying for the service even though SMSs are blocked by the carriers. It also helps in ensuring that the service provider has a high uptime, so that to send messages any time anywhere.

Ability to integrate with existing applications: Choosing a solution that integrates with the existing systems, like CRM, for smooth operations will be highly recommended. The integration will prevent repetitive data entry because the integration would help in syncing information through all applications, that too in real time.

SMS Marketing Software Trends

AI is the new buzzword: Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its impact in the marketing field. It is helping to enable marketers in analyzing their audience’s engagement level and reinventing the scope of communication. AI software can suggest better promotions and help to offer better customers responses to the SMSs you send. A large number of marketers believe in AI that will revolutionize marketing in coming years.

SMSs could be used for credential verification: Using SMSs for verifying personal details and approving transactions through OTPs and pushing notification is expected to increase. About 2 trillion SMS were sent globally for verifications and customer support showing that multiple industries have started using, and will continue to use, SMS as a trusted mode in verifying customers and users.

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