Shrinking PDF Files with Online and Desktop Tools

Shrinking PDF

Many people wonder how to edit PDF and are looking for appropriate programs for this purpose. This type of file is the result of final work in a different extension, e.g. docx., so the parent file is most often edited, not PDF, because it is easier. 

However, if there is no access to the parent file, the only solution may be to edit the PDF. There are several proven programs for this purpose, but each file can be locked for editing. In this case, not all modifications are possible. Which PDF editing program should you choose?

SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF

A popular PDF editing program is SwifDoo PDF. This is a program for opening PDF files, but you can also create this type of documents in it and shrink it as well. It provides a 15-day trial period which allows you to access all the pro features freely. 

The most important functions of the program include:

  • Convert Office file to PDF format
  • Convert JPG file to PDF
  • PDF compression
  • Splitting PDF
  • Rotate PDF
  • Linking PDF
  • Converting a website to a PDF file
  • Deleting, reordering, rotating PDF
  • Setting password and permissions
  • PDF digital signature

The program is easy and intuitive to use and allows you to perform many operations on PDF files. There are also other PDF editing programs worth trying though. 

How to Shrink PDFs with SwifDoo PDF

To shrink a PDF file with this SwifDoo PDF, follow these steps:

1. Launch the SwifDoo PDF program first.

Launch the SwifDoo PDF

2. Click “Compress PDF” icon and a compressor portal will pop up. 

Compress PDF

3. Open a PDF file and set everything up, including the compress level and the output path, and then simply hit the “Start” button.

Open a PDF file and set everything up

4. Then the program will automatically finish the process, and everything is finished now.

program will automatically finish the process

Shrink PDFs with Online Tools

Sejda is an online PDF editing program. The program has many functions that allow you to perform operations on PDF files. Available at sejda.com for users of devices with a web browser: smartphone, tablet, laptop and computer. 

The most important thing is to edit PDF online, so there is no need to install it on disk. This is a free PDF to Word converter in Polish that is intuitive to use. It allows you to divide PDF online into smaller files, as well as create this type of documents, through the function – changing word to PDF. How to edit a PDF file and reduce its size?

  1. 1.Editing a PDF file begins by selecting it from the disk and clicking Send.
  2. 2.Then you need to click Compression and Download (and to access advanced settings, select More options).

Sejda is an online PDF editor that allows you to optimize images and remove unused fonts from your document, as well as remove pages from your PDF. A big advantage is the fact that online PDF editing can be performed from any device with Internet access.

In A Nutshell

In order to shrink individual PDF files, it is worth choosing a reliable PDF editor that has the necessary editing options such as SwifDoo PDF in our case. PDF editing is most often done intuitively in such programs, due to the good arrangement of menu items. 

There are many programs that allow you to convert a text file to PDF, and an editor allows you to further modify it according to your needs. On the Internet you can find both a free PDF editing program and a paid version with more options.