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In a large company with multiple departments, communication needs to be set up in a variety of ways to deliver important information and notifications in a timely manner and reach all employees.

In a large company with multiple departments, communication needs to be set up in a variety of ways to deliver important information and notifications in a timely manner and reach all employees. One of these channels is the distribution of notifications that will be displayed on the computer’s lock screen. And before your colleague gets to work, he will definitely see the message placed on the screen in a visually appealing way. To be able to generate and send such notifications to employees, lock screen tools are used, the functionality of which implies the ability to change and customize the appearance and content of messages.

What messages can be sent in such a mailing list?

The first thing an employee sees when starting work tasks is the PC lock screen. But instead of a standard splash screen or a password field, a corporate notification can be displayed in front of the user in any convenient format: text or visual.

Using the lock screen tool, an administrator (company manager or department manager) can share important but not urgent news that is important to know for all, without exception, company employees. In addition to sending greetings and the latest company news, you can share other internal corporate information in this way:

  • Create notifications about important plans, appointments and meetings;
  • Make reminders with a countdown and in this way create a joint atmosphere of waiting for the launch of a new product or an interesting joint event;
  • Tell about the achievements and plans of the company;
  • Share useful tips and working life hacks;
  • Remind about safety or productivity rules in the workplace.

Some companies use this mailing list to provide employees with evacuation maps and other useful information that may come in handy in the event of an emergency. In fact, you can be creative and implement any ideas within the corporate culture.

Benefits of on-screen notifications over traditional messaging

It can be argued that it is not necessary to send news in the form of messages on the lock screen, because there is mail, instant messengers, and telephone communications. However, this method of delivering news within the company has its advantages:

  • The PC screen is the first thing every employee sees in front of him, and he will definitely not miss important notifications.
  • The message is not lost among dozens of others. In work chats, it is customary to discuss current tasks, and corporate news is drowned in dozens of other messages. There is no way to open a chat on the lock screen, and the news stays in a prominent place every time after a period of inactivity of the computer.
  • Notifications do not distract from the current work. No need to switch to it, turning off the main programs used by the employee.
  • Such mailings help maintain a working atmosphere, motivate employees – the possibilities are truly endless.
  • You can offload the help desk or manager if an unforeseen or critical situation occurs, for example, the Internet goes down or the server stops working.

In the messaging tool settings, you can choose your audience, set up a notification like a digital billboard, ticker, wallpaper, splash screen, and more. Get creative and present key company news, new projects, and initiatives in a visually appealing and readable way.

Submit any content that you want to share with your team and be sure that this information will definitely not be left without due attention. Share tips, plans, good news and feel the team spirit from the very first touch of your fingers to the keyboard of your working computer! All the benefits and features described can be tested in demo mode to see how the tool will work in your corporate environment. But be careful: you and your colleagues will definitely like it!