Secure Your Files with the PDFBear Protect PDF Tool

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The purpose of locking a PDF file is to protect the information contained within it from infringement of intellectual property rights. As a result, locking the file usually entails encrypting it with a password to prevent unauthorized users from copying or printing the document. A PDF file can also be password-protected to prevent unauthorized people from opening and reading it.

 A password-protected PDF can aid in maintaining confidentiality when the document includes sensitive information. By locking a PDF, you can protect the document’s authenticity. Locking the formatting of the PDF can prevent others from making changes later. By including a password on a PDF, you can control the level of security, allowing certain actions while prohibiting others. PDFBear’s PDF protection system is the most effective for your PDF files.

Protect PDF Tool of PDFBear

Secure your files with the protect PDF tool of PDFBear by incorporating a password in it. Using cutting-edge technology, PDFBear’s PDF Protect tool allows you to set a password for your PDF file. PDFBear’s cloud-protection solution makes it simple to add a password to your documents. PDFBear is the best option for preserving or concealing your documents.

Although PDFBear is well-known for being an excellent converter, many consumers are skeptical that it can also be used to password-protect documents and files. PDFBear will safeguard your data’s privacy and security. Because it is completely free, PDFBear saves you both time and resources. The password context is set for PDF file protection to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing your data.

Every user that wishes to encrypt their PDF has to save at least nine coded characters which include uppercase or capital letters, alphanumeric numbers, and a combination of signs. PDFBear also includes a plethora of features that anyone can use. This software makes it simple to secure your PDF files, and you won’t have to worry about anyone gaining access to your personal and encrypted PDF files.

PDFBear is free to use, you only need a device, internet connection, files, and little time. Their facility is the most efficient and effective method of keeping your data private and secure. Whether you use the Free or Pro edition of PDFBear, the multitude of security features protects data. If you use the Free version, PDFBear deletes all of your converted files from their database within 60 minutes after you’ve finished converting them.

How to Add a Password to a PDF Using PDFBear

Check to see if your device is connected to the internet. Select “Protect PDF” from the list of services on the PDFBear website. Select the files to be protected. PDFBear is capable of protecting documents in a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. When it comes to submitting your papers, you have two options. Browse your drive and select the files. The other approach is to use their readily accessible feature, which is the drag-and-drop method.

On the PDFBear screen, there are two boxes labeled “Select Files.” These boxes are open to the public, and anyone can enter a passcode to protect their classified material. You can ponder your password for as long as you want, but then to ensure complete and reassuring security, you have to use a variety of alphanumeric input, capital letters, as well as symbols.

PDFBear is a system that encrypts data in Excel, Word, PDF, PowerPoint, and other formats. Creating a password is completely risk-free. Its first caption says “Type a password,” and the second tells “Repeat Password.” Retyping your password ensures that you entered the correct and accurate password that you remember clearly. In case you forget your password, write it down on a secret note.

When creating passwords for your files, the PDFBear uses a 256-Bit encryption scheme, so once you’ve installed your password, it will be impossible to break or hack. Click “Protect PDF” after finishing the second step, and your PDF file will be secured and protected from anyone who wants to use it for their profit.

The PDF security process will be done rapidly because PDFBear is known for its fast processing capacity. When the PDF protection phase is finished, all you have to do is click the “download button,” which appears when your file is ready to save or transfer. If you press the download button, the data is directly saved to your devices or gadgets.

Other Efficient Tools of PDFBear

Compress PDF Tool

PDFBear can assist you in reducing the size of your PDF file. PDFBear reduces the size of important documents by compressing them to the size you designate. Just choose the PDF to be compressed and click the “Compress PDF” button. Pro users can choose between two types of compression: “Basic” and “Strong.” You can send a certain high-resolution file to your boss without having to deal with your client’s error.

Converting HTML to PDF

If you are a computer programmer, one of PDFBear’s distinguishing features includes the ability to convert any HTML file to a PDF. Simply copy and paste an HTML link into this PDF converter and let it do the rest.

Add Page Numbers Tool

If you want to organize the content of your PDF, you can have page numbers added to it. To get started, select or drag your PDF file to PDFBear. Then you can specify where the page number should appear. You can also separate your cover page from the first page of your book to clear up any confusion in your file.

PDF Repair Tool

If you’ve ever had to deal with corrupted PDF files, PDFBear’s Repair PDF will come in handy. It is one of the most dreadful scenarios, so most people avoid it. You can recover it with PDFBear. You can then return to its content and edit it.


PDFBear secures your PDF files by password-protecting them. To encrypt or add a passcode to your chosen document, PDFBear employs a concise procedure. PDFBear guarantees 100% protected documents without leaving a trace or jeopardizing the quality of your submitted files on their system if you’re looking for a simple and quick way to protect your data.