SalonLife Review | All Salon Software Features


Are you ready to grow your salon like never before? SalonLife Best Beauty Salon Software gives you everything you need to do your job. It’s time to find out what our software can do.

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It is essential to ensure the productivity of your nail technicians during rush hours, as nail beauty salons are a hit for any online beauty salon consultation. With our software, Salon owners and managers can be sure you enjoy their treatment and staff. Offering a better customer experience by allowing them to schedule appointments online, so they do not have to queue.

Features Of SalonLife Salon Software


Managing your salon is a huge task; managing your paper meeting schedule is an even more cumbersome task. With our team planning program, you can be sure to know what your team is doing at any time.


More customers are hoping to book their online hair salon online. With this easy-to-use online booking tool, you can schedule appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via your website and even your Facebook page.


Do you have to reduce the missed appointment at your salon? Thanks to our automated scheduling reminders, you can send your guests a reminder of your reservation within a specified time before arriving at your show.


Do you have to serve your most loyal or expensive customers? Our customer tracking solution lets you see these valuable customers with just a few mouse clicks. You can also add the birthday to the customer card


Want to generate more revenue in your beauty salon or spa? Make sure to sell more products in your room using the room’s point of sale and, in turn, manage inventory levels and staffing costs. Remember to allow employees to talk to their customers about retailing.

Work on iPad and MAC

Do you use an iPad or Apple Mac in your salon and do you agree that the software selection does not work on your devices? Do not worry, the SalonLife software works on all devices and platforms, including iPad, Mac, Windows, and Android. You do not even need to download it, which makes it even easier to use.


Try to improve your products and services by increasing customer loyalty? Use our customer feedback tool to make sure you receive feedback from your customers and send a brief survey after each visit.


Are you afraid of computer programming? Well, we have done all the work for you, and we can have your salon online ready to receive customer bookings in ten minutes. We added the most popular Salon service so you must start from scratch.


Do you wish to know how much your salon earns, which staff member has the most bookings? We have created a series of simple reports to keep you informed about your company’s finances.

Hair Salon Software

Is your current hairdressing program as impossible as the freeze on a rainy day? With SalonLife hair salon software, it’s easy to get rid of problems.

Imagine an easy-to-use point-of-sale system that organizes online booking meetings and hands-on customer management and loyalty programs. Imagine doing less work as you increase your bookings.

Nail salon software

Have you decided to grow your nail salon business like never before? SalonLife offers everything you need to do your job.

Tanning Salon Software

It’s easy to manage the salon’s tanning services. Follow a session, watch as long as there is a package and keep the program online with Salon!

Spa software

People go to the wellness center to feel the center of attention. The Salonlife spa salon allows you to create an unforgettable customer experience. With our spa software, you can rest assured that your customers will keep coming back for more.

Software For Massage Therapists

If you are like many masters, you enjoy practicing your art and helping your clients find a new state of health and vitality. At the same time, you do not like taking care of business.

Wellness Software

As a wellness consultant, you make a significant contribution to helping your clients achieve their personal health goals. If these goals include being more active, reducing stress or feeling better, SalonLife offers a software solution for the wellness center.

Salon Software for Booth Renters

You started renting a booth because you wanted to take control of your destination. Our Booth Renters software has been designed for you.

Say goodbye to the paper programming book.

Stop the calculation of the transaction in real time.

Forget color formulas written on paper cards.

Makeup salon software

Maybe you are a professional makeup artist? Perhaps this is just one of the many abilities associated with your spa or salon. If you work alone or join a larger company, our makeup software can make your job easier.

Booking customers, monitoring customer registration, marketing, everything is accessible with salonLife. You can even add POS and credit card processing to your software, as well as access your software on desktops and mobile devices.

Barber Software

The hairstyle is a long tradition in the neighborhood. It’s more than a place to cut your hair and shave. This is a place where members connect with the community.

The Barber salon software helps you to consolidate your existing relationships with customers by creating links with new customers. Our booking, management and marketing capabilities help you manage your store and focus on what you do best – caring for your customers.


Nothing increases booking and loyalty as satisfied customers. With SalonLife, you’ll have everything you need for your customers.

  • Take pictures before and after to record changes made by customers.
  • Store color formulas and information to provide personalized services.
  • Create loyalty programs to reward big customers and long-term customers.
  • Offer discounts to book a wide range of services and track prepaid payday customers.

The best software of a beauty salon does not help you to accomplish the tasks behind the scenes. Show your customers that you focus on them all day, every day.