Sage Review

Sage accounting is one of the oldest and the most popular best accounting software since 30 years. They have been creating software that works on different business models. It has the ability to size its features according to your company, and its various features will allow you to choose that version which allows maximum benefit to your organizational structure.

Today we will be reviewing Sage accounting software that we consider one of the best software available in the market. Choosing a good software for accounting is always tough, but once you take out the extra unnecessary requirements, I am sure Sage software will come on top.

The Pros that I would like to share are not too much fancy, but it’s the simple environment which makes this a top choice for many small business owners. The simple invoicing and great accounting suite has all kind of support, and responsive features for mobile platforms make it unique and desirable.

The Biggest Cons that I can pick out was the number of versions and options it has for small business owners. You have to put in lots of time to research about which version to purchase and which one will be the perfect for you.

Finally, my verdict for it is positive, and you can go ahead and make use of the accounting benefits it has. It’s always a worth to investigate time in accounting process and hence the cons can be left out.

More benefits that I would like to highlight are:

Mobiles apps and the beautiful interface that help any mobile browser or mobile platform to take the accounting right within your palms.

Its accounting and business functions are just perfect, you can track, send and of course create any number of invoices. Styling your Invoices, saving them as PDF, making use of various essential features of saving client info can make a lot of difference and save time at the right moment.

Sage has another super duper feature that many of the other accounting software don’t have, which is the project management and project collaboration tools. These tools will help you in assigning work for different team members and track client feedbacks, send messages, create notes and email notifications of relevant tasks to important people to the dedicated team.

The implementation and starting up the software is swift, and you will not find any problems in registering your account, filling your essential details or accessing mobile application.

The help and business education provided with this software is huge, Sage has to be known for its brilliant knowledge base and thorough support portal where all kind of question can be answered easily. With a community inside you also get to interact with people of similar types, and they are also willing to make sure they make new network and prosper together.

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With all of above and much more that Sage can provide will only make your business grow. It’s for all kind of businesses, and your size doesn’t matter, all the features and tools inside make this one of the best accounting software in business right now.