SaaS Project Management Software with Buyer’s Guide


Shared Inbox built for G Suite users Turn Gmail into Team’s Workspace Support customers Manage tasks Close deals in 1 click Trusted by professionals across countries Easy to install and set up No training required


Provides one system of record for cloud-based applications, users licenses Automates routine IT lifecycle activities Integrates with hundreds products including Identity management SSO ERP Works best for 300+ employees 


Enables IT to centralize orchestrate operationalize administration & control Centralize data Controls Surface operational intelligence Enforce complex security policies Privileged administrator  

SaaS Management Software

SaaS management software puts on a security hat with at least 16 security considerations. All the sellers back up data at set intervals. VPN support is mixed to protect you in case the provider suffers a breach. You require tools that can make sense of all the moving parts to effectively manage a growing slate of IT projects.

Features of SaaS Management Software

  • Quality project management software makes stakeholders’ lives easier via features ranging from calendar views to notifications to critical-path calculations to templates.
  • Service-level agreements is also there in this bucket. The key is not whether the project management SaaS vendor offers an SLA.
  • The penalties that are levied in case of a violation are that they’re liable to pay no penalties, making their SLAs not worth a wooden nickel.
  • For some companies, the bottom line on SaaS is that they’re handing over data to someone else. While you’re probably not storing information such as Social Security numbers or customer lists in a SaaS PM tool, you will likely be entrusting personally identifiable information.

Points to Ponder while Buying SaaS Management Software

Administration: You want a product that can handle the number of project managers and other users of the system and that enables you to granularly control access to data–critical for regulatory compliance.

Platform: Mobility equals agility, so ensure that any SaaS project management vendor supports the platforms in use in your company. Most of the vendors offer products that run on multiple platforms. Alcea and Onepoint emphasize that their browser-centric strategies will appeal to IT organizations as HTML5 matures.

Reports and dashboards: A successful project manager is an informed project manager–we’ve seen initiatives go off the rails faster than you can say “scope creep.” It is better keeps key stakeholders continuously informed about the health of the initiative through reports and centralized dashboards.

Price of the SaaS Management Software

This is a key component because, after all, a big reason organizations go to the cloud is to lower costs. The pricing methodologies of the vendors participating in our buyer’s guide vary widely. Some offer a site license, while others price based on the number of users. Most charge add-on fees that buy you such niceties as additional storage space and training. Most provide free test runs.

SaaS Management Software Trends

85% of the business technology professionals who respond to companies have formal project management offices, and nearly as many use specialized commercial project management software. For the 40% of companies that are, presumably, project management software-as-a-service SaaS can help to gain control quickly with minimal up-front investment.

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