Best Roofing Software with Buyers Guide

Contractors Cloud

Web-based CRM and construction management solution designed for the sales-oriented general contractor

The EagleView App

Contractor management solution designed to help businesses in the Construction Solar Insurance Government sector


All in one business software solution. Customer Routing Employee management Inventory management


Construction project management software Trusted by homebuilders, remodelers and special contractor


Flexible, Fast & Accurate Estimating for Roofing Contractors. Bid & Win More Profitable Work

Marketing 360

Get everything you need to manage and grow your business All from a singular platform explore platform 

Roofing Software Reviews


Excellent software. If you’re going to blend BT, make an assured decision that you take it on a section at a time. Don’t risk and initiate up too many segments to your team. These people have given a lot of attention to the software, creating an excellent backbone for any client-facing construction business. 

Pros: This software is exceptional in several different areas. The user initially purchases to manage the client’s selections for new homes. It immediately got integrated, gone to the point its the backbone of many of the processes. The user uses to manage client change order (it pays for itself on this alone every month) selections. Materials are ordering from site, RFI’s, daily logs, H&S management for the design team, programming, and photo storage, to name but a few. The user couldn’t go back to the old ways of doing many of these. There are a lot of different features. You’ll undoubtedly find many that’ll make it worth your while to use. Oh, and the customer support is ace.

Cons: Overall rollout is excellent and intuitive, but you do need to commit to integrating BT into your business, and this takes time and effort. This software gives back tenfold what you put in, but it does need your commitment.


Great product. Customer support right in-app and always quick to respond. Stack was a meaningful upgrade to the takeoff method. The speed and being able to apply it on Mac natively perform this software high. The development team remains to add numerous features, some of which make feature parity with competitors, but others are novel and labelled as “can’t live without” around the office.

Pros: This product is straightforward to use but a potent tool. The calendar performs organizing projects by due date clear. You can immediately see what’s coming up and separate them when a more comprehensive project takes more time. The search function to locate past projects is imperative. Doing takeoffs is much easier now. Export final drawings and reports so that the sales rep can go back and see precisely what the user quoted and where. All the work is saved from going back and referencing it or changing it if plans evolve. The lines and symbols are simple to read and ready to set up. User can dimension the plans when required and figure callouts. The cloud tool is helpful for items users to have a question about. User can even copy and paste a line. Being ready to add tags to the takeoff is essential. It makes the quotes more powerful to find forage product. It helps if there is a change to the plan. One can easily remove the section by using the Geometric Report instead of digging through all the projects. The ability to use two screens is fantastic! It is much more comfortable to have one screen with the crowd and one with the program.

Cons: Some things are not customizable. One can’t change the default dimension colour or size. But once users set it, it remembers the changes for that page only. Users can’t rearrange the sheets with the tabs on top. They must be opened in the order as they are needed. It does blend with Excel reports, but Excel credits a monthly subscription for that.

Contractors Cloud

The customer service can not be called excellent. The training was incompetent. The price was too high after understanding how tough it was to deal with it. Other than some remarkable characteristics that other CRM’s either don’t offer or make you pay more to use, it was clunky and ineffective. They must do more homework so that it can be recommended to someone. 

Pros: Although it has some great features that a user have not found on any other roofing solution, like a customer portal and integration with companies, namely EagleView, ABC and CompanyCam. Contractors Cloud is the ideal combination of straightforward to use and all the sounds and whistles. Through experience, users have found that other software platforms are yearning for a user-friendly platform. They did not possess all the detailed levels available to maintain our customers’ track through the entire process. Contractors Cloud is simple to use and enables us to customize it to meet specific needs. Users can track the projects from lead generation throughout production to final invoicing, including a P&L for all projects. The software has helped create, analyze and develop the market.

Cons: So far, there has been no such significant error found. Users have been thrilled with the experience from customer services to product. The Contractor’s Cloud is not planned out well. It’s complex and not simple to use at all. It didn’t flow accurately, and although it had some impressive features like a whiteboard or the messaging features, they were not set up well, so we nevermore used them. For the pretty expensive cost per user, the user is paying for all the bells and whistles, so it appeared expensive if you were not using this software to its maximum capacity. It has well researched at least ten different CRM’s and found it far from ideal to be used for a good six months but never set it up to work smoothly. It can be genuinely beneficial for the company.

Roofing Software

Roofing Software supports roofing contractors to gauge the value of work and materials required for a job. This kind of software automates several of the daily administrative duties associated with a roofing enterprise.

Advantages of Roofing Software

Accurate estimates: If an assessment is too large, the job will go to another contractor; if it’s too feeble, the customer will be confused when the price goes up. Roofing software assists circumvent these summaries by allowing contractors to determine the costs of labour and materials correctly. Additionally, aerial estimate capabilities using GPS or drone technology make it easier to determine roof size carefully.

Simplified scheduling: Roofing software performs it simple to track crew assignments, know the situation of equipment, and record materials availability to circumvent conflicts and guarantee smooth procedures.

Improved customer relationships: Customer relationship management (CRM) highlights maintenance roofing companies stay organized, pursue customer interactions, and increase lead conversion. CRM features are especially critical in an industry where reputation is everything and actual customer contacts result in good discussions and stronger business.

Features of Roofing Software

Scheduling: Project personnel availability and assign specific time slots for tasks.

Work order management: Create job plans, assign tasks to team members, and track each lesson’s status.

Billing & invoicing: Create statements based on customer credentials, print and assign them to customers, and report information in the accounting practice.

Checklists & inspections: Create checklists and to-do lists that can be used during inspections.

CRM: Maintain customer communications and leads while tracking information with clients and possibilities.

Photo capture: Create job site photos, allow comments/mark-ups, and share with staff, clients, and other contractors.

Quotes/estimates: Create quote and evaluation forms to give to customers.

Price of Roofing Software

Most products in the market are priced on a per user basis and pricing can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their per user, per month starting price.

Considerations while Buying Roofing Software

Roofing software is often marketed as a niche application explicitly created for roofing and siding contractors. However, some roofing software systems are also sold as components of a more comprehensive ready construction software suite.

Niche roofing software vendors typically provide a more comprehensive range of characteristics. Roofing-specific backgrounds in construction software orders are customarily limited, although they manage to consolidate more assistance or other services typical of a complete merchant.

Roofing Software Trends

Mobile apps enabling on-site crews: Until recently, most roofing software portable apps focused primarily on sales and CRM functionalities. However, mobile apps are increasingly intended to allow on-site crew members to communicate, admittance data, and share pictures and videos.

Software integrations fueling efficiency: Roofing software integrations continue to improve, with many vendors offering options to connect with everything from accounting software to drone technology.

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