TeamViewer vs LogMeIn vs LiteManager: Remote Access Software Comparison

A lot of companies providing remote support using remote access software TeamViewer vs LogMeIn and looking for similar better tools due to the expensive maintenance of these programs, which must be paid either annually or for each new update. LogMeIn has closed its free project LogMeIn Free making the situation hard for its free users.

Could LiteManager be a good replacement of TeamViewer or LogMeIn? Well try answering this issue by comparing the remote tools.

Let’s see the comparison in table: LiteManager, LogMeIn and TeamViewer based on the main parameter, argument, characteristic and price.

TeamViewer vs LogMeIn vs LiteManager comparison chart for remote control software

box_160_en_proIn total LiteManager is very good alternative to LogMeIn and TeamViewer, especially in comparison to the cost of the license, its offered on the basis of a perpetual license and all upgrades are free, so after a one-time purchase the LiteManager can be used further on without any limitations.

A distinctive feature is an absolutely free version LiteManager Free for home and commercial use.

It is also worth noting that the LiteManager has HelpDesk license for unlimited computers based on channels number, one channel cost $300.

LiteManager is designed for Windows administrators, with the possibility to connect to them from Android, Linux or Mac OS platforms, with using Wine emulator.


As can be seen from table LiteManager is worthy replacement TeamViewer and LogMeIn, for example, it does offer Android client for mobile devices, a specific ID router module for deployment own remote support service. LiteManager has a number of unique features like task manager, regedit, helpdesk system, audio-video chat, text chat, registry editor, screen recording, remote installation/upgrade and inventory.


LiteManager is a more cost-efficient tools for the remote support a lot of computers and has a number of benefits over TeamViewer and LogMeIn:

  • All features in one package.
  • ID or IP connection for work in LAN or through the Internet, own ID server for corporate clients.
  • All upgrades is free and a lifetime license only one time fee.
  • Unlimited number of administrator modules.
  • Two license model general license based on number of computers and HelpDesk license based on number channels.
  • Unique remote access modes, a total of more than 10 connection modes.
  • Lowest cost of the license. Absolute free license.
  • Free technical support.


Hopefully I have cleared my comparison and winner in this versus scenario, still if you find any other point that contradicts my research I am more than happy to incorporate your findings ofTeamViewer vs LogMeIn vs LiteManager,do visit official LiteManager site