Relation Of Pdf And Legal Workflow

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If you are working in a legal field or is closely related to the legal formalities and workflow, you must have noticed that if you are drafting any kind of legal document, then the format you use is always pdf. If you want to submit any8 document in the courtroom before the judge, then according to the laws, you are abide to make that document in a pdf format.

 The biggest reason behind giving preference to this format is that it can not be altered, and if someone tries to perform any such task of alteration of a pdf by hook or crook, it leaves an electronic trail. This electronic trail helps in finding that who tried to make some changes in that Pdf file.

Now you must have a question in your mind; other formats also leave an electronic trail if someone tries to alter them like jpeg or gif, then why they are not used. The simple answer is these documents the quality of these documents and their ease in printing. Moreover, the documents that are born digital are usually saved in these formats. Due to the following reasons, it is admissible in court. Also, there is a benefit that you can  compress a pdf anytime, anywhere, which has its advantages.

How to compress a pdf?

If you want to compress a pdf file, you have two choices: either you choose online platforms to get your pdf compressed or go for the offline mode of compression.

To compress a pdf offline, you need to download some specialed  pdf views or compressors. After downloading the file, you need to find the option of optimizing a pdf file. When you drop the file in that dialogue box, you will get a small size file. It is the compressed version of the file that you can download and share.

If you want to compress a pdf online, then you have to follow the following steps:-

  • First of all, chose a trusted platform, so the compression didn’t lead to losing your file’s data.
  • You have to search for a virus-free safe compression platform to lose or leak your valuable data.
  • Now just drop your document, which needs the compression.
  • As you drop that document, you will notice that the file goes through a funnel, and at the ending of that funnel, you get a converted small-sized file.
  • Now download the small size file and enjoy the seamless sharing of a small compressed file.

If you are also confused about which option is better for compressing the file, you must go for the online mode of compression. The reason behind it is that you don’t have to download a dedicated software. Also, you will never lose your data during compression, and the task is performed with more efficiency online than the online mode.

Why compress a pdf?

The compressed pdf file will provide you the following benefits, which you will not enjoy using a regular file. These benefits are:-

  • You can quickly transmit your file from one person to another as the file’s size is reduced manifolds.
  • If you are working in a legal field, then there are chances that you have plenty of documents in your personal computer that take up a lot of your space. You can compress these pdf files and enjoy more free storage on your pc.
  • Suppose you compress a pdf and think that you will not be able to search for texts inside the file, then you are wrong. New technologies have developed due to which you can also search for the texts written inside a compressed pdf file.
  • Whenever you share a standard size pdf file, it gives a significant load on the server. Transferring the files in a compressed form will decrease this load form your server.
  • You will never lose your data in file compression as the method followed nowadays is totally lossless.
  • You can also bulk plenty of documents at the same time and even upload a folder full of zip files.
  • You can easily retrieve your file that you have compressed easily.

Various reason for using pdf as a legal document

There are numerous reasons why especially pdf format is considered the best option for the legal industry:-

  • Think that you are drafting a legal document with various rules and regulations and uploading it on the internet. You would always want that the information you share should never be altered, and the document remains secure. The option of pdf provides such a level of security.
  • The recipient can take a check from time to time who has checked their file and see if their security is breached.
  • It is the most compatible file format that is supported over all the computer platforms independent of the operating system and software used.
  • It can be easily converted to and from a paper document. So if we consider sustainable developments and follow the save trees approach, pdf is very beneficial for the environment.
  • You can decrease the file size quickly when you compress a pdf. It will make the process of sharing the document easy and fast.
  • The pdf documents contain all kinds of analytics data, text data, and pictures, making the pdf more interactive, and more people tend to read the full document.
  • You can easily access the pdf file trough your phones also make it more user-friendly.

The Final Thought

These are the reasons why the pdf is mandatory for drafting and sharing any legal document. If you are also thinking of enjoying the benefits that the pdf file offers, you can get your file quickly converted into a pdf file. Whichever format your file is in, either docs, jpg, or ppt, you just need the internet and a little research related to the best website. Once you find a suitable website, you can easily convert your file. Now when you retrieve your file, just choose the option of compress a pdf and share your files tension free without any hassle.