Redbooth – a supreme project management software

When it comes to project management software, each one has a separate way of keeping its interface organized in a particular fashion. Redbooth possesses a simple and easy-to-use User Interface (UI) which is also seamless to navigate. It has four main menu fields namely Dashboard, HD meetings, Workspaces, and Reports.

Redbooth provides a whole spectrum of features which will save your time and keep you away from hassles related to project management. Here are the major features of this software:

  1. Workspaces – When it comes to referring to projects, it is aptly named Workspaces. It’s the place where the user can go to start the work. The user can also add members to the project and also assign various tasks to the team members.
  2. User-Friendly Buttons and Features – This software comes with a button that allows you to create any new task, workspace instantly without any complication. This fantastic and practical feature allows the user to gain momentum in work and save time by avoiding to navigate the entire interface. There is a quick-add feature too with this software which also allows you to create multiple tasks in the workspaces by filling in the task name and you can also add various data and details any time the user wants.
  1. Shortcuts and Tags – To fasten up the pace and work efficiency, the user can make use of various shortcuts similar to Twitter. Like, any user can be assigned with a @username command. The user can also make updates using hashtags such as #hold. #reject and much more.
  2. Group Chat feature – The workspace can have a specific group chat that is made available as one of the key features of Redbooth. As soon as you enter the workspace, you can communicate with the group members via chat.
  3. Mobile Apps – This software comes with mobile apps both for Android and iOS users. Although these apps do have their limitations such as unavailability to editing the notes on the app. It also has few other issues with the Android app, more than the iOS version.
  4. Technical Support and Services – Redbooth has an excellent customer support system especially regarding support tools and educational tutorials which are available online.

In case you need answers for queries that can’t be answered with these tutorials, you can email to the web support at help@redbooth.com. This support system will get back to you within 24 hours with the solution for your questions. If you need telephonic support, then you can mention your phone number in the query email you send to this we support, and they will call you back.

It also comes with Online Tutorials and various webinars which help the user to understand the software with ease. It also has a thorough Knowledgebase which consists of textual tutorials to provide the solution to the most common problems.


  1. Redbooth’s user interface is among the best when it comes to comparison with its competitors. The intuitive UI allows the user to quickly get the zest of the software and can start using workspaces within minutes. Once the user gets hold of this, other features allow the user to seamlessly manage the projects with other team members.
  2. Its shortcut buttons and tagging features allow in including the members and pointing out the task in easiest fashion. All you need is to use this shortcuts and hashtags to summon the team member to look at the issue mentioned with hashtags.
  3. Features such as HD video conferencing along with email integration and group chat assists in conducting the business with streamline communications taking away the requirement of useless meetings. The HD video conferencing, is quite clear and the user can share the screen.
  4. From the pricing point of view, this software is quite budget friendly and provides all the necessary features that are required by users to effectively manage the projects.


When it comes to simple project management software like Redbooth, the interface and ease of use remain the key factors. Redbooth scores well in these fields. Not only its interface is intuitive and clutter-less but also quite easy to use and navigate. Its technical support structure allows the user to understand the software with ease and the user can quickly go down to project management without wasting time on useless navigations and detail fillings. Its group chat service also provides a useful medium to collaborate among the team members with simplicity and efficiency.

All in all, Redbooth is a nitty project management software that packs both basic and advanced features that one requires from such software. Just try it once, and we are quite sure that you will appreciate the software with its features.