3 Best Professional Services Automation Software

Zoho Desk

Web-based customer service application Build stronger relationships with customers Workflows automate email alerts, task assignments, and field updates workflow


Enables agility via automation No code required Create powerful automated workflows with simple rules Create without single line of Code Complex Formula IT help

UiPath Robotic Process Automation

Advanced Scalable Extensible Sustainable solution to automate schedule and manage processes & resources Feature-rich Design workflows without scripting/coding

Professional Services Automation Software

Professional services automation (PSA) software offers tracking, planning, management, and billing of services by helping  independent contractors and services organizations. PSA software is generally utilized by lawyers, auditors, IT consultants, and professional project supervisors. It is seen as a small-business helping hand to persue resource planning (ERP) software, which offers services to larger organizations and tends to cost more.

Professional services automation (PSA) software provides an alternative to the pool of separate project management, time tracking, invoicing, resource planning, business intelligence, and collaboration suites used by many project collaborators. This guide offers to give you an introduction to PSA software and provides resources for organizations considering an integrated software solution for organising project delivery.

PSA applications offer professional services providers manage client engagements throughout the project life cycle. A project starts whenever a sales opportunity is created, the deal is closed, and vital resources are ascertained to deliver the work. The cycle finishes / completes when invoices are printed to be issued, and cash is collected by the sellers from the buyers.

PSA software confirms a consistent process for planning, managing, and measuring the performance of every project all through its life cycle. By centralizing business processes and data, services can be delivered more presumably, and repetitive manual processes automated or streamlined. It is analogous to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, and PSA is many a times referred to as ERP for services organizations.

Benefits of Professional Services Automation Software

Decreases the cost of life cycles: Offers clients in tracking time, expenses, and progress on various projects, from conception to completion

Streamlines resource allocation: Helps in distributing people, machinery, software, etc. on the projects where they will every additing the most value

Eases client collaboration: Manages all aspects of customer relationships, including plans and contact details.

Features of Professional Services Automation Software

Project management: Planning and coordinating all the resources, funds, and time required to execute projects.

Billing and invoicing: Creating and managing monetary interactions between parties i.e., bills and invoices.

Time and expense tracking: Logging and recording number of hours worked, and amount spent to assist with billing and invoicing.

Collaboration tools: Sharing media files, communicating, and working together in a channel dedicated to members of the team.

CRM: Tracking calls and notes about customers and prospects with contact and lead management specialities.

Resource management: Enabling capacity planning per project by allocating resources like people, machinery, software, where they will be most costly or valuable.

Cost of Professional Services Automation Software

Most products available in the market are priced every month. Pricing can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price.

Consider while Buying Professional Services Automation Software

Stand alone software vs integrated suite: The most straightforward PSA software provides time sheets, billing, and basic project management features. On the contrary , more advanced and in general more expensive systems also offers customer relationship management, capacity planning, knowledge management, and more. If your business already has a range of tools and requires a system to sort out the projects, then it’s wise to pay less for fewer features. But if user is looking for single software suite to organise the health of our whole business, consider an integrated suite of tools.

Stage of business growth: PSA software helps in covering a range of business requirements. As such, it must be one of the first known software that the business utilizes, and any seller, buyer choose should offer continuous customer support.

Professional Services Automation Software Trends

Move to cloud software from on-premise. The initial price of cloud computing software have reduced in recent years. These lower rates have also lowered constraints to entry for small and midsize company that require PSA software, but couldn’t afford it earlier. Over the next few years, PSA software will move away from on-premise servers to more cloud-based solutions.

PSA software growth will come from rural regions. Advances in technology like PSA software have lowered the total price to begin a business and allowed entrepreneurs to do so from anywhere. North America has historically led the world in PSA software usefulness; marching forward, all the future growth will come from rural areas of this market.

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