Pros of Using AR/VR Software for Brand Awareness

Nowadays every facet of life is dependent on technology. AR/VR is based on the immersive technology that can lead to countless advancement by redefining market experiences. It’s not absurd that they will become the integrated part of the daily lives including real estate, finance, shopping experience, healthcare and many more verticals of the industry. Here are some of the pros of using AR/VR software for brand awareness.

1. Enhance Customer Experience

Brands can utilize the customer experience by providing them feeling and personal relevance with the aid of VR/AR tools. For example, the Home Depot, an expert in the home improvement industry uses an AR app to show the colors of paints on walls before they actually paint the walls and make a purchase. Other example is IKEA, its augmented reality app helps to preview the furniture in their home before making the buying decision. In addition, with the help of this app customers can look at how the furniture will look in their home settings. Another good examplecreated by a Skywell Software company, specialized in AR/VR development services, is a CosmiaMakeUp app, that let customers try the makeup on before buying cosmetics.Certainly, AR VR development enhances the customer experience ultimately increasing the brand value of the products. Brands get exposure and thus a lot more people are aware of them.

2. Improve customer engagement

By making use of AR/VR software, brands can show products and services to customers without actually leaving their homes. Most importantly, virtual reality makes possible to tour a showroom without actual physical travel. On the other hand, with augmented reality customers can know all the information through their smartphones about the products or services. In addition, both AR and VR promise exciting ways to interact with businesses.

Brands which take advantage of these innovative solutions offered by the cutting edge technologies can achieve the exceptional level of customer engagement. When people interact frequently with the brands then there are chances to spread brand awareness and becoming loyal customers by making the purchase.

3. Personalization

With the wide use of the internet, customers search for products and services on multiple websites and compare them to find the perfect item of their choice. Brands can take advantage of this situation by providing the personalization to make an impact on the buying pattern of consumer behavior.

AR/VR software is effective to provide the personalize offerings to the customers in accordance with their preference. For an instance, beauty brands can amplify the customer’s experience by allowing customers to visualize the image before and after applying the products. This will help them to personalize their shopping experience and identify the hidden benefits which the customer isn’t aware of. Personalization helps in satisfying the customers and creates brand loyalty. Most importantly, personalizing products and services improve the visibility of the brand in quick time which ultimately leads to sales.

4. Product prototyping

With the growing competition in the industry, it is crucial to develop the current products and enhance the old products with the immersive AR/VR technology to capture the market. In addition, brands can develop the numerous ranges of products combining the power of AR and VR popularly known as mixed reality. Product prototyping will soon be digitized completely with the implementation of Virtual Reality in 3D effects. This state of technology opens many outstanding options for the brands which can help them save a lot of time and offer the products at competitive prices.  Most importantly, this increases the recognition of the brand spreading its awareness globally and in multiple industry verticals.

5. Revolutionize Social Media

AR and VR will make the revolution in social media to spread brand awareness. Social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram which are effective in improving brand visibility use these innovative technologies. By adding the filters to different elements of the images used in social media promotion, they provide extremely new realities to put the users into them. Facebook has announced the several projects which will use the power of AR/VR to develop the features for its users. These technologies supplement the world with additional information using the simple app on the camera of their mobile devices. Therefore, AR/VR will make a strong social media impact on brand awareness.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the pros of using AR/VR for brand awareness. Both AR and VR provide exciting and novel ways of interacting and setting the everlasting brand value in the consumers’ mind. 

Image Credits: Brand Awareness from kenary820 /Shutterstock

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