Pros & Cons of Software Development Outsourcing

Most of the modern companies strive to bring their business to the new heights. And one of the ways to achieve significant business results is to develop a mobile app.

Companies donít have the possibility to employ in-house app developers and designers. In this case, outsourcing and offshore app development company comes in handy to save cost and money.

App development companies will help you accomplish the project in time and without breaking the bank. Hiring a software development company has its pros that greatly outweigh all existing cons.

Pros of Software Development Outsourcing

Lower Project Costs

In most countries offering software development outsourcing (Ukraine, Belarus, India) hourly rates for development services are significantly lower than in Western Europe or the U.S. Itís common knowledge that itís 10 times cheaper to develop a mobile app in India, but the quality leaves much to be desired. India means, as a rule, low rates and pure quality.

Developing an app in Ukraine or Belarus can be 20%-30% cheaper, and the app code will be top-notch.

Skilled Developers

An outsourcing company has a vast array of developers with skills that are vital to complete a particular project. You donít need to look for and hire separate individuals for each app block – code, architecture, design, etc. A full-cycle outsourcing app development company can provide you not only with developers but with marketing specialists as well.

For example, you need an app with a particular technology, but you donít have an in-house developer who can implement this idea. Then you start searching, and finding the right developer may last days, weeks, and even months. Hiring an outsourcing company may be the best solution in this case.

Time Efficiency

Outsourcing can be a panacea when it comes to meeting deadlines. Hiring more skilled personnel for one project and its management takes lots of time as well as money.

Moreover, extra manpower may be unnecessary when the project is completed. Outsourcing companies have more staff to complete your project faster and with a much better quality output.

Taking into account that everything changes at the blistering pace, and especially the app development world. Itís vital to keep your software up-to-date with the latest innovations. You can save a pretty penny as well as time when leaving the technical expertise to an outsourcing software development company. Pushing your tech responsibility down to a company, you can focus on your companyís key competencies.

Cons of Software Development Outsourcing

Difficulties with Testing

Testing is an integral (and nearly final) part of the app development company. You canít go without it and release a mobile app. Testing outsourced projects is more complicated than in-house ones. When a problem is detected, you need to discuss it with your software vendor. And here you may face some difficulties. The vendor canít see the device on which the problem occurred so it complicates the process of bug fixing involving more time as well as money.

Communication Problems

The differences in time, language, and culture may pose a tough challenge for both sides. All factors can lead to misunderstandings that in turn may cause low performance and frustration.

Misunderstandings have never gone to bat for a successful product. To increase the performance level, try to schedule weekly meetings (video conferences). You can visit language courses or get the insights of the other culture to release the pressure and encourage the communication.


If your vendor is miles away, face-to-face meetings are less accessible or even impossible while itís quite costly to meet the team often. A few words about time differences, enormous time gaps may become a real burden to the efficient communication. Thanks to the Internet, may God bless the person invented it, you can use videoconference possibilities to meet with your app development team.

Low Quality

Among the pros and cons of outsourcing software development, low app quality is something that frustrates most. There is always a chance of getting a poor code and hence app performance, especially when you pay less and have no clue of how apps are developed.

In case, you donít have any developers in staff or among your friends, study the references and past experiences of the outsourcing company. If you have doubts regarding the tech expertise of the company, assign small tasks and run tests at first. Donít go like lightning. Let the QA engineers do the work and run all tests to esteem the quality of the app.

In Conclusion

Nowadays nearly all business regardless of its size needs software development. And here is the point where outsourcing comes extremely useful. It allows you to get qualified help in the sphere of app development without hiring additional in-house app developers and designers. But still, there is a couple of pitfalls to avoid when outsourcing the software development.

About Author:†Tasha Bronitska is a blogger at IDAP Group. Itís absolutely try that writing is her passion. She spends most of my days crafting must-use how-to guides. When not writing, she running.