3 Best Presentation Software with Buyers Guide


On-premise Customizable Assists organizations Create Modify presentations Templates Themes Clipart Audio Video integration Cloud-storage Industry leader Digital presentation platform with different design themes Typically bundled with Microsoft Office


Web-based platform Enables businesses Customizable Create  graphs prints &  presentation slides Professional layouts Templates Frames Voice icons Create presentations Social media graphics Graphic design tool with drag-and-drop functionality Professional layouts

Google Slides

Presentation solution for enterprises Helps manage presentations with features Themes Fonts Embedded video Animations Cloud-based office suite by Google Helps create edit and collaborate presentations Sorted by date Saved automatically

Presentation Software

Presentation software assists users capture needed information in slides and present them to the audience. It has tools to add information in the form of text, images, audio, video, and graphs. Presentation software offers templates to make presentation creation quick and easy. Any experienced salesperson has the information about any company but the well presented words can only get you there. You have to be articulate to feature the benefits of the product or service to perfection. But in the last, the prospect will require to see it for the company as a whole.

This is especially stands true in the world of software. It is a where users dwell for hours navigating sites, apps, and programs being a part of daily responsibilities. Presentations can truly make or break a prospect’s experience with your brand. A great presentation is engaging and conveys value through visuals. It assists prospects visualize themselves like beneficiaries of the product or service.

A presentation software is a digital tool. It utilizes sequences of graphics, text, audio, and video to accompany a spoken presentation. These sequences also called slides, are consolidated in virtual files called “slide decks.” Presentation software across the web vary greatly in the capabilities, but they should offer at least three essential features:

  • A text editor with custom formatting
  • A means of inserting, editing, and resizing digital graphic
  • A slideshow system for displaying these visuals sequentially

Some presentation programs, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, should be downloaded onto a computer’s hard drive before they can be used. Google Slides and Prezi can be accessed from any internet browser.

When a prospect agrees to view a presentation, you’ve at least piqued their interest. You’ve likely spent time on the phone or exchanged emails. The prospect has visited website a couple times. They are not totally into you but are actively forming opinion of the brand. This is why it becomes necessary to make the first presentation a slam dunk. When a prospect watches the brand and the product on display, they must be left with excitement about the benefits the company can offer them.

A great presentation software provides the tools and functionality needed to create a winning presentation. Create it fast and easily in addition to usability, below are more benefits a good presentation software can bring to organization. A great slide deck combined with quality content is often one of the best single sources of sales information in your company. Most sales decks consists a complete pitch all the way from pain point identification to feature/benefit pairings. Testimonials, best practices, and case studies are scattered throughout. This means to have a single file that can be handed off to new sales representative for training. When you require to pull a testimonial from a happy customer, you can find it in the slide deck. This acts as a one-stop shop for valuable sales information is made possible by presentation software.

Advantages of Presentation Software

Presentation software assists users in expressing themselves creatively and concisely. Using presentation software is advantageous for businesses because it assists with: 

Increased audience engagement: Well-crafted presentations helps to demonstrate professionalism, they also take the intended message across clearly and concisely. A presentation augments a presenter’s soft skills in highlighting the business’s value proposition to an audience.

Improved collaboration and sharing of content: Presentation software assists in promotion of  working in a collaborative manner. Presentations can be collectively shared with participants, even remotely located ones, and they can contribute by commenting. Colleagues are invited to edit or review the content, and changes and feedback can be viewed in real time.

Features of Presentation Software

Media library: Selecting items like icons, images graphics and files from the database pool to include in a presentation.

Animations and transitions: Adding transition scheme for defining how a slide progresses to the next automatically. Applying animations to text and objects.

Audio and video content: Embedding audio/video elements into slides to make presentations more illustrative.

Customizable templates: Creating templates with customized fonts, effects, layouts, colors, and background styles. Save templates for future use and repurpose formatting as required.

Offline presentation: Sharing presentation with audience in offline mode.

Price of Presentation Software

Most products in the market are priced on a “per month” basis; subscriptions can be categorized into three tiers based on starting prices. Most sellers offer free versions of their products. Enterprise products are priced higher and have an additional features like analytics and advanced animations.

Considerations while Purchasing Presentation Software

File formats and device support: Presentation software typically permits incorporating audio, images, and video, but you must double-check which file sorts are supported and help in selecting a solution which assists and supports a broad range of formats. Checking the various types of supported hardware is also necessary, as options to connect with wireless devices and the availability of mobile apps will assist in making it easier to use the tool.  

Suitability and cost: Simple and effective versions of presentation software may be available for free along with software increasing in price based on the number and complexity of features and helping in customizations offered by the software. It helps in evaluating the cost and characteristics of a solution against business needs to able to justify opting for free versus paid software, or software which is easy to learn versus one that has elaborate functionalities but requirements more effort to master. 

Engagement: The aim of presenting information through a visual and graphical form using presentation software is basically to enhance its impact for the audience. Buyers must evaluate how well the presentation software is considering it and can assist them in engaging with the audience by incorporating mind striking images, animated web content, and well curated videos, and by allowing smooth navigation to various presentation sections.

Presentation Software Trends

Artificial intelligence (AI) is fueling presentations: To prepare a polished and professional presentation in a limited time, it can be challenging. AI driven presentation tools assist you to learn the needs of a user and  apply design rules automatically to build power packed and impactful presentation slides. Like, Design AI by Beautiful.AI can help you visualize users’ ideas and assist in designing of slides accordingly.

Virtual reality (VR) is teleporting audiences to a virtual world: VR has become a known technology not only for gaming, but also for trainings and presentations. VR can be taken for granted to tell immersive stories using presentations where the user needs the audience can interact with each other in the virtual world. It leads to a larger audience engagement and better content retention. Companies like MeetinVR are experimenting with VR meetings and presentations earlier also that might replace video presentation software in the future.