3 Best Pre-Employment Testing Software with Buyers Guide


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Pre-Employment Testing Software 

Pre-Employment Testing Software permits in this highly competitive job market, recruiters to hire the best suited talent by evaluating and assessing the capabilities of every candidate using varied types of skill-assessment tests. Various types of pre-employment tests could include:

  • Job knowledge tests
  • Cognitive ability tests
  • Personality tests
  • Situational judgement tests
  • Soft skill assessments
  • Emotional intelligence tests

A recruiter can measure a candidate’s job skills, aptitude, and temperament prior to interviews or hiring with pre-employment testing software. It provides recruiters a complete picture of a candidate beyond what is written on the resume and provides them take out unqualified people in the early stages.

Advantages of Pre-employment Testing Software

Recruiters experience various benefits while they take benefits of pre-employment assessments to screen job candidates. Most significant ones are:

Increasing efficiency of the recruitment process: A prerequisite for an effective recruitment procedure is to get the most qualified candidates from a big pool of potentials. Modern pre-employment testing tools allow recruiters to screen for the right candidates at an earlier stage, that allows them with a lot of information about the candidate. It helps in saving recruiters from screening resumes manually and excels the overall efficiency of the recruitment process.

Fishing out hiring bias: Recruiting candidates by using a pre-employment testing tool can prove to be a boon for those deserving of the position. This software can allow to screen for a candidate’s basic skills and personality traits background and demographics. This will permit organizations to hire candidates with good aptitude and many skill sets apart from numbers and references mentioned on their resumes.

Accurate and Quicker and employee hiring: Recruiters can assess and rank candidates on how well they will mesh with the company and the job role, with the pre-employment testing tool, that improves the chances of making the right hiring decision. This also decreases employee turnover at the company.

Increasing quality of new hires: Pre-employment testing software shortlists candidates based on the required skill set and varied  assessments. Recruiters can maintain a pool of shortlisted candidates which the company can frequently hire for possible openings in the future. Recruiters can screen the candidates much faster with the list of pre-evaluated candidates. It can accelerate any future hiring process and permits to onboard the correct candidates.

Features of Pre-employment Testing Software

The most amazing features of pre-employment testing software:

Candidate management: Building, tracking, and maintaining relationships with candidates.

Tests and assessments: Creating tools to measure student retention of learning material and lessons.

Aptitude testing: Measuring for aptitude to reveal strengths, uncover talents, and assess performance.

Automatic grading: Scoring assessment results automatically.

Online tests: Administering and bringing up latest exams online via computers or various electronic devices.

Personality testing: Identifying work styles and characteristics in determining behavioral fits.

Skills assessments: Observing employees over a period of time for gaining an understanding capability to take and perform certain tasks.

Price of Pre-employment Testing Software

Most products are priced on a “per month” basis. They can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price.  An enterprise product is priced higher and has additional features like task design report, advanced seat management and application tracking system (ATS) integrations.

Considerations while Buying Pre-employment Testing Software

Software buyers should keep some factors on top of mind while selecting a pre-employment testing tool and these are:

The skills to be assessed should be predefined: The pre-employment testing software comes in various forms. They can be for technical position based assessment, skill assessment, or soft skills assessment. Ensure the software bought should be able to assess the exact skills for which there is a requirement to evaluate candidates. It is recommended to make a list of required skills which a candidate should have, to assist in choosing the correct software.

Integration with applicant tracking system (ATS) will lead to seamless recruitment experience: Many organizations invest into ATS/human resource information systems (HRIS) heavily which assist in streamlining the recruitment procedure. It is imperative that the pre-employment testing software should be able to transfer the collected assessment data to other systems with ease for a seamless recruiting process. Buy a software which will seamlessly sync up psychometric data with the HR process. It will help in contributing an improved quality and standardization of the overall recruitment process.

Level of customizations available: Buyer should look out for options to design their own skill tests and custom aptitude to closely match the standard tests with the job role they are hiring for. With an easily customizable pre-employment testing tool, employers will be able to modify questions in the tests, as per the specific needs. They can also promote the brand by customizing the tests with color scheme, brand logo, and themes.

Pre-employment Testing Software Trends

Gained momentum in gamified assessments will increase engaging candidate experience: Turning tedious and boring into fun and appealing entices candidates to engage in a deep thought provoking process. Gamification is doing exactly that by infusing psychometric science into gaming elements. This can be done in multiple ways including mobile games or in the form of simulation tests. One psychometric communication game will assist recruiters predict how candidates will react to real-life situations. Gamification will prove to be a boon for recruiters in this highly competitive market.

AI plays a pivotal in getting new hires: Artificial intelligence (AI) is assisting companies increase the process in a faster way for their productivity and performance. It can help recruiters in pre-assessment employee testing by calculating the scores of open-ended personality questionnaires and giving AI chatbots for situational judgement tests. With the futuristic kind of technology in place, there will be a complete revamping and overhauling of traditional recruiting process in the years to come.

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