Best Portal Software with Buyers’ Guide


 Intranet employee portal software Help teams co-author documents Share files Manage tasks & calendars Draw diagrams Edit spreadsheets


Board & leadership portal streamlines meeting preparation Provides leaders with  accurate & timely info across all devices


Bringing together employees inside private & secure enterprise social network Connect with people to make decisions faster


Free intranet portal with 8 million companies Worldwide Highly secure Turnkey free Intranet portal solution


Fully branded Client Portal Project Management Invoicing File Sharing CRM IM Messaging

eXo Platform

Digital workplace solution Helps connect Engage employees Improve  business processes

Portal Software Reviews


Users have found Samepage product quick and easy to learn how to use. Chosen for two features – task management and generate progress reports. Although it wasn’t worth to retain paid subscriptions for the task management lead to exploring options with another product for the reporting.

Pros: – The free alternative meets most of the needs adequately. The chat & audio/video calling is integrated. Samepage has all the features needed to operate as a manager of multiple large construction projects/contracts. The initial integration with the existing business process was as easy as possible by customizing everything to suit my organization’s needs. For a small business, it is beneficial to update as things shifted and expanded. An additional benefit is an excellent value for the cost. Some of the best highlights in Samepage are task management can assign tasks, including participants, chatting and commenting directly with team members. It depends on the task/event/document in reference rather than using email and explaining what task/plan/event/etc., collaborating on reports simultaneously, and real-time audio/video conferencing (great for remote teams).

Cons: – no date stamp on while tasks are accomplished is the single biggest negative for us – no capacity to have parent/child tasks or sub-tasks and individualize deadlines on those sub-tasks or have a timeline. The alternatives are to create multiple functions for something that is just one task with numerous stages involving various people or to juggle names on the person assigned reliability field. So choose between clutter or messiness – no ability to quickly and efficiently export content to have a reserve (with the free variant, users can effortlessly accidentally or intentionally cause enormous damage). The way it is set out, it is straightforward to duplicate tasks and events. It appears they are actively implementing changes for this, though. The desktop app isn’t sensitive to older/irregular screen sizes, users have to side scroll, but the browser/web version works great.


With SuiteDash, the work has been more organized, and our customer outreach is also improving. No complaints came from customers while using the SuiteDash client portal. It is packed with an insane amount of features and customization into one product.

Pros: It creates an excellent customer interface through multiple channels, email, customer portal, and messaging. User can brand their customer portal reasonably quickly. Within a day of set up, they had a portal on their domain. On the same day, user set up their progressive web app for mobile as well. Otherwise, it would have taken tons of set up time and having to get a database admin. SuiteDash provides it for a very reasonable monthly fee. Flows feature incredible where you can use automation and even use data from the CRM with auto-fill templates with information like contact and company names. Don’t neglect the value of this feature! It helps save time when it comes to automating onboarding and customer communications. It has the software required to run a business in one spot. Email marketing, CRM, Client Portal, Project Management, Invoicing, you name it. Easy and intuitive navigation on their system. Easy to understand and can complete tasks fast. Automate repeating tasks, add customer data into the CRM from the signup form, and perform email marketing. With SuiteDash, user can provide our client with needed information right from the same software. It saved them a lot of time and money. The customer support is fantastic. Swift responses are provided to solve issues. They also listen to the customer’s requirements and make improvements to the system.

Cons: The system is in the improvement stage. Occasionally, to have small bugs, but the customer support team has been great to solve them promptly. Google Drive natively integrated is high on the list of requested features. It will make a development roadmap. It can be a tad sluggish to load at times, but they have to be read. They are also actively working on speed improvements for a feature set well to override this issue.

Exo Platform

This significant bit of software build on top of the GateIn portal will provide GateIn characteristics (Content Management, LDAP support, Single Sign-On, etc.) and much more. Applying eXo Platform creates a secure portal-based site and an intranet that encourages employees to transfer knowledge, documents, operate collaboratively, assignment management, contact data… All accomplished socially and mobile. 

Pros:- Microblogging and Activity Streams Activity Stream reveals text messages or multimedia content posted by employees, customers, suppliers. It is where you’ll gain all the company’s activity. Document Management gets the advantage of version history, comments, rollbacks, votes, and more. It lets user reserve files in a private and secure setting in various business systems like SharePoint or other cloud storage solutions, like Google Drive or CMIS repositories. Knowledge Management Wikis, Forums, Calendar, Answers & FAQ. Profile management can manage and organize all the organization’s contacts in a single directory and information on their professional profile. Groups Create own collaboration spaces complete with discussion forums, dashboards, wikis, calendars, and documents. Allow user to create a collaborative space and invite other users to join with different permissions according to roles. Search eXo includes an ElasticSearch based search tool segmented according to the sections and contents in your intranet, indexing other contents published by other systems, making it a federated search tool for your organization’s entire knowledge base. Add-ons Marketplace Apart from its native features, you can also integrate eXo with other business applications, productivity tools like BonitaBPM, JasperReports Server, etc. Mobile Native iOS and Android app. eXo is an Enterprise Social Network that will improve productivity across all company members. 

Cons: It’s very feature-rich, so if you want your organization’s knowledge private, secure and organized, then you have to try it! 

Portal Software

Portal Software allows business proprietors to generate a digital gateway in which their employees, customers, and business associates can reach enterprise software systems. The intranet-based stage can be customized to incorporate customer relationship management (CRM) tools, business information, and workgroups.

Advantages of Portal Software

Generates a centralized storehouse of employee information: The portal software permits you to build a consolidated platform for employee documents, data, benefits, contact particulars, and frequently asked questions (FAQs). It produces a channel to modernize rewards, recognitions, work anniversaries, and other comparable events.

Provides secure data transfer to end-user: The portal allows you to transfer sensitive information such as financial data with clients and associates without the requirement for USB drives or external file storage facilities. Data protection can be ensured via a protected login and secure sockets layer (SSL) data encryption. Supplementary methods may incorporate token authentication, individual sign-on (SSO) or lightweight catalogue access protocol (LDAP), group security frameworks, and SOC 2 compliant hosting.

Authorizes self-service: Employees, customers, and clients can immediately use the exceptional search feature of the intranet stage to retrieve the information. It is a simple, comfortable, and practical approach to clear up customer service personnel from acknowledging queries and applications for info that interprets decreased staff costs and reduced overheads.

Features of Portal Software

Content management: Create, update, proctor efficiency, and ensure brand compatibility for all written elements assigned to stakeholders.

Search: Search ready resources to determine the required data.

Access controls or authorities: Define levels of permission for introduction to specific records or folders.

Calendar management: Design, maintain, and share aggregated calendars.

Collaboration: Online forums or clubs where users can ask issues, share impressions, most excellent practices, etc.

Document management: Manage, upload, repository, and share all documents in a centralized position, making it more comfortable for everyone connected to access information.

File sharing: Digitally distribute a wide assortment of media types.

Unified directory: Store, adjust and follow user accounts and introduction in a centralized guide.

Price of Portal Software

Most products in the market are priced on a “per user, per month” basis and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price. A premium product is priced higher have additional features like anonymous or guest intranet access, custom branded URL, and external collaboration with contractors, interns, or clients.

Considerations while Buying Portal Software

Adaptability to control content passage permission: Your portal software should implement role-based entrance for employees to decrease the risk of disclosing sensitive content and circumvent overloading them with data that is not important to them.

Availability of social tools: Portal software should allow you to incorporate two-way business communication tools before-mentioned as analysis, idea forums, calendars, voting, and polls that help in forming staff innovations and collecting feedback. These tools also accommodate you to organize content from different departments and curate them for personalized user involvement.

Adaptability with portable media: Enhanced mobile integration in intranets guarantee that remote team members of various organizations will find it more comfortable to work from wherever they want. Intranets require to be user-friendly for each device, situation, and location. A mobile-friendly intranet interface and characteristics will intend touchscreen optimization and sensitive software for mobile devices.

Portal Software Trends

Chatbot user interface driven by artificial intelligence (AI): The idea of using chatbots is to provide hassle-free access to information and quick suggestions without searching for it on the intranet page. Chatbots are trained to use keywords to find answers to user problems by searching the entire awareness base, intranet, CRM, and ERP software. They help develop employee engagement in courses of employing the intranet more frequently and consequently boosting adoption charges.