Pocket Translators : Essential apps to help you when you get lost in translation

A list of 9 best translator apps for android’s a iOS devices

Translating a line to another language on a computer is an easy task, but what if you have only phone today, well in that case we have collected nine of the best pocket translator apps for phones and tablets with Android / iOS installed.

Let us know which of these got your attention, our best recommendation is in the last i.e the 9th app.


If you’re away on business and wish to avoid incurring sky-high data roaming costs on foreign soil by getting phrases translated on your phone then this app is perfect. Its USP is that it can operate offline without the need for a Wi-Fi or 3G connection – although the downside to this, if there is one, is that it can only manage seven languages (mainly European). The app also features voice output (to help with your pronunciation) and an intuitive interface that makes translating text a quick and easy process. A good translation app that helps keep your (unforeseen) travel costs down.

Price : iPhone+|iOS5.0 | $4.99 |v1.0.13 ● Android|OS2.3| $3.99|v1.19


If you want to cut out the fuss of typing text into your device to be translated, then this is one of many apps that allows you to use your voice. The simple interface lets you select the language going into the app (yours) and the language translated – then you simply tap the Start Conversation button and say what you want. Within seconds you will be able to both hear and see the translation, making it a quick and relatively natural way to converse. Over 30 languages are supported, so you should find what you need. Supreme voice recognition and translation facilities delivered in a super-slick interface.

Price : iPhone+|iOS4.3 | $2.99|v1.2.5696 ● Android|OS2.1| $2.99|v1.0.873


The supported 50 languages may fall bellow many other translation apps, but TransZilla’s interface is clean, easy and quick to use. The app also comes powered by iSpeech to provide text-to-speed in many different languages to help you get the phrasing correct on your translated text – although some way to adjust the speed would have been a welcome addition as the audio is blurted out perhaps a little too quickly for many to pick up in a single hearing. Options to share translations and quickly copy text for use in other apps are also present.

A speedy and reliable translation tool with features that other apps charge a lot more for.

Price : iPhone+|iOS4.0| $0.99|v1.4.1 ● Android|OS2.1| $0.99|v1.9.7


There is no typing involved with this app – you simply select your language out of 50, tap the Speak button, and record what you want to translate verbally on the microphone screen. It’s slightly hit-and-miss as to whether the app picks up every word correctly, which could lead to awkward moments of you stood in a foreign land uttering the same phrase repeatedly into your device; and then you will have to make in-app purchases to get more than five daily translations on iOS. But it’s certainly a quicker and more direct means of translation, and the interface is lovely. It can struggle with regional accents and isn’t totally seamless, but it’s generally pretty good.

Android|OS2.2| $3.99|v1.3.9.7 ● iPhone+|iOS3.0|Free|v1.4


Although this app won’t provide the ammunition to help you converse in a foreign tongue, it will make anything visual like signs or menus instantly understandable. Using your camera, this clever AR app takes the text that is displayed on screen, translates it in real- time, and then layers it over the top of where the original text was. Slightly clunky at times, there is plenty of room for the translations to become more seamless and, at present, it only covers five languages to translate – all of which you have to pay extra for – but it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser. Cool it may be, but the cost casts a large shadow over the app’s actual practical uses.

Android|OS2.3.3| $4.99|v1.2.4 ● iPhone+|iOS4.3|Free|v1.2.5


If your line of work requires you to translate text into English or from English to another language, then this app is designed to help. You simply take a picture of a page or block of text, crop it to size, and then command the app to read it for you. When the converted page is returned, you then check and edit it before choosing a language to translate it into, which it will do in seconds. The only downside is that you have to get the framing and the lighting of the text just right for it to be recognised, or you will have garbled nonsense returned. A very useful text translation tool, but the wrong conditions can make it temperamental.

iPhone|iOS4.0| $4.99|v2.6 ● Android|OS2.2| $4.99|v1.0.4.0


Bizarrely, this app proudly shouts the fact that it supports ten languages, which is considerably less than other apps featured here – yet it’s more than double the price. What you get is text-to-speech translations in native voices (you type what you want and the app translates and speaks it), a database of more than 300,000 easily-accessible phrases across 12 categories, and a few extra quirks in the form of a Phrase of the Day and the option to store your favourite phrases. It’s very good, but we are scratching our heads to try and justify the price. Packed with features, but there’s not enough here to warrant the sky-high price.

iPhone+|iOS4.3| $14.99|v1.3.6 ● Android|OS2.1| $12.99|v1.19


Sticking strictly to text conversion, with no text-to-speech and a bland, no frills interface, there doesn’t appear to be a lot here to justify the high price. But scratch a little deeper and a couple of genuinely good features come to the fore. The first is an offline phrasebook that comes with an impressive database of translations, for a wide range of topics, in a wide range of languages, which you’ll always have to hand for emergencies. The second is a 50-strong history of translations – so you can stockpile what you think you’ll need translated to use later. The price is perhaps a little too high, but it does offer a couple of genuinely good features.

iPhone+|iOS4.2| $3.99|v1.8 ● Android|OS2.1|$3.99|v1.0.44


What’s good about this app is that everything you type is automatically converted into text-to-speech. So if you aren’t confident about pronouncing the text yourself, the app will do it for you instantaneously. Another cool feature is the way it stores previous translations, so you can prepare a set in advance and access them later without the risk of incurring expensive data roaming charges. A bubbly interface and its ease of use also make this a worthwhile download.

By providing some genuinely original and useful features, this comes highly recommended.

iPhone|iOS4.3| $0.99|v1.86 ● Android|OS2.2|Free|v1.90