Pinnacle Studio Review

Pinnacle Studio has been a front contender among the best video editing software as it has an impressive selection of organizational, editing and publishing tools. Its seamless workflow and firm coding make these tools way too easy to use and learn.

From importing your footage to editing and building your final product and sharing to the audience, this video editing software offers the resources for creating compelling projects. Unlike other video editing software, it Pinnacle allows you to utilize the timeline or storyboard, the two modes of editing, at any given time.

It allows you to use simultaneously by placing the storyboard above the timeline. It provides six tracks on the timeline for editing. This is enough space if you are building most simple projects. Few of its good features are that it makes it quite simple to alter and adjust the timeline settings.

Video properties like aspect ratio, frame rate, and size can be easily accessed and adjusted by only one click on the timeline. This software allows users to build highly customized workflows.

This is achieved by creating personalized tabbed media bins called as Watchfolders. These folders are monitored by Pinnacle, and whenever a new media element is inserted into them, the software automatically imports them into your own media bins.

This program comes preloaded with over 1,800 effects, transitions, titles and templates, and other objects. This software’s interface is quite complex, and its tools may be intimidating and confusing for beginners.

They have to invest more than a few hours to understand the software. But given its powerful tools to create high-quality videos, it is totally worth it. You can easily export your finished products to sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

You can also burn DVD to distribute your videos among your family and friends. Talking of support, its website has hundreds of articles along with video tutorials and forums to help you operate this program to its fullest potential.

You can also reach out to Pinnacle customer support to get answers to your queries. You can either send an email or use live chat to find answers for your queries.


Pinnacle Studio provides a huge range of effects, titles, and transitions which make it as an obvious choice. Its unique storyboard/timeline dynamic which is highly customizable. However, its complicated and complex interface and tools make it frustrating for beginners.

Still, we recommend this software especially for those who are well-versed in video editing. With this, we end our review of Pinnacle Studio. Hope you find this information useful.