Pilates Studio Software: An Ultimate Buyers Guide

While picking the best Pilates studio software to handle your business, the first step is to decide what features are important to you.

Then, whether you’re a new Pilates studio proprietor or an experienced veteran, you require to take a good glance at your alternatives.

Why Do You Require Pilates Studio Software?

The answer is easy:

  • Increased efficiency for your business
  • More time for you and your team
  • Heightened convenience for your customers

It will get your processes organized, streamlined and even help you with payroll. In addition, you can improve your brand recognition and web appearance. All this—and further—can be achieved with today’s Pilates studio software!

Example of Pilates Studio Software

Acuity Scheduling: Meet the personal scheduling assistant that’ll activate your pilates studio! Acuity works 24/7 behind the scenes to fill your calendar and take busy work off your plate. From the moment clients book with you, Acuity is there to send branded automatically & customized support to you and your customers, release text reminders, let clients reschedule on their personal, and process refunds. 

My PT Hub: My PT Hub is an online mobile and web app, allowing personal coaches, trainers, and gym owners to maintain their clients by generating customizable training and nutrition plans while tracking their growth and achievements. Including invoicing, admin, and messaging software. My PT Hub reconstructs the requirement for 4-5 apps, as everything is in one spot. Also, we don’t require you extra as your business expands.

Vagaro: Use our all-in-one pilates scheduling software & app to manage and grow your business. Get booked & paid 24/7. Stay safe with 100% contactless check-in & checkout. Advertise your virtual and in-person classes on the Vagaro Marketplace. Reduce no-shows with automated reminders. Manage courses and memberships on any device. Send waivers and forms.

Features of Pilates Studio Software

  • Online Booking: Today’s culture necessitates the use of online convenience for almost everything, and scheduling is no exemption! From scheduling classes to sign up for memberships, your Pilates studio software must incorporate this fundamental feature. Giving your clients the advantage of booking without having to call, anticipating on hold, or emailing and expecting a response—that’s a feature your clients will love. It profits you in two approaches: your clients know that you care about their satisfaction, and you’ll be ready to fill your classes and achieve new members, even when your studio is locked at night!
  • Google Booking: One of your best marketing intermediaries could be Google. You can study being at the top of Google search outcomes could play an indispensable part in getting consideration for your business. People are utilizing Google to explore everything from management to recommendations, and you can obtain that if you know how to prepare your Pilates studio on the map. The top-ranked result holds 42.25% of all the click-through traffic. That’s a considerable amount of visits to your website you don’t want to miss out on! A comprehensive business management software can get you there with just a few ticks, and a character like Reserve with Google is the approach to go! It’s a Google-partnered resource, so clients can quickly navigate from the search outcomes page right to your sales page, with the simple tick of a direct booking key on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google My Business listing. Not only that, but this characteristic also enables you to capitalize on people searching by location. 
  • Staff and Client Apps: Your business is unique, and you need Pilates studio software that satisfies your requirements! Client and staff apps are a manageable way to improve the efficiency and comfort of your clients and your team. Make your staff and clients’ lives more comfortable with Pilates studio apps. However, your patrons and your staff have complex needs and require additional features! For example, while your team should have admittance to their info and the outlines of all their clients, your members should only be authorized to access their own. A client app is a way to improve your clients’ experience quickly! From booking a place in class to pursuing their rewards points to buying merchandise and types, your apps can do it all. Additionally, your client app serves as a marketing device. If you prefer to customize it with your branding and logo, you automatically improve your brand consciousness. You can up your brand identification while making your clients’ activity more streamlined. A straightforward win-win! The staff app will keep your time and money safe by renewing schedules, checking attendance, accessing client profiles, and canceling sessions manually. Goodbye to spreadsheets and paperwork for gain!
  • Loyalty Rewards Program: A loyalty rewards program is an impulse system where patrons are given rewards as encouragement for repeat sales, referrals, and engagement. As a marketing instrument, loyalty rewards programs are highly efficient at developing relationships and increasing return visits, as well as boosting your revenue. It’s been stated that existing customers spend as much as 67% more than new clients do. Given that information, your energies need to focus on who’s paying the most cash at your studio! Work on managing your existing client’s satisfaction and increasing their investment, rather than concentrating all your time and energy on attracting new clients. Client loyalty is critical for member recognition and boosting your revenue. It would help if you had a Pilates studio software that puts your clients and their integrity first.
  • Automated Marketing: From email drives to requesting customer reviews, Pilates studio software can arrange it all! It has never been more straightforward to develop relationships and equate with your clients. Automating your marketing allows you to communicate with your clients, establish your brand, and increase your revenue without all the time and energy it used to take.


Pilates studio software can help take the work out of running your business. With traits like client and staff apps, Reserve with Google, and automated marketing, growing your business will soon be a snap!