Pet Sitting Software with an Ultimate Buyers Guide

Pet sitting software helps Pet sitting companies manage their clientele better. As leaving pets alone at home to go to work or attend a social event can be stressful for both pets and owners.

For such pet parents, Pet sitting services can be of great help. Pet sitters take care of pets while their owners are away. They ensure that the pets are well-fed, given timely walks, and kept company. These services are provided at pet owners’ places and not in an external facility.

However, many Pet sitting solutions are available on the market, and choosing one can be a challenge. First, you’ll have to ensure that the software features align with your service needs. To help you, we’ve created a buyers guide that has all the information you’ll need to understand the options available for your business.

Pet sitting software is curated to help Pet sitting companies manage scheduling, invoicing, client and staff management, and pet information management. It helps pet sitters schedule and tracks their appointments online. In addition, pet business owners can use the software to assign work to their staff members at any time and from anywhere, making it easier to connect and collaborate with employees.

Examples of Pet Sitting Software

Marketing 360: Get everything you need to manage and grow your business, all from a singular platform; create your free account today to explore the platform and compare plans and pricing. Over 20,000 small businesses use our broader business commerce platform, so they have everything they need to manage and grow their business in one place.

Time To Pet: Trusted by thousands of the world’s most successful pet care companies, Time To Pet is modern Pet sitting software built for you. In addition to our essential features like client & staff management, integrated scheduling & invoicing online payments, and more. Time To Pet is complete with advanced features like mobile apps for clients and staff, GPS tracking, automatic charging, visit reports cards, and Quickbooks Integrations. In addition, time To Pet is flexible and fully customizable, making our system the ideal choice for both the established pet care company with 50+ staff members and the new pet care pro just starting.

MoeGo: MoeGo, cloud-based software service provider for groomers; they are available across all major computer platforms (IOS, Android, Desktop App). They are known for helping your multitasking during client’s work; with MoeGo, it will find how easy it is to focus on your grooming work while letting MoeGo streamline your business operations. And we bet you’ll never get tired of top-notch customer service. 

Essential Buyers for Pet Sitting Software

The majority of Pet sitting solutions are available as a cloud or web-based applications. These deployment models are the most favored because pet sitters provide services at their client’s location and locate the software application while they are on the go, continuously from the main office. Since on-premise solutions can’t be accessed from off-site locations, they don’t usually fit the bill. 

Cloud-based pet sitting software is entertained on software vendors’ servers or third-party servers. As high as an internet connection is convenient, cloud-based software can be purchased from any device. In this deployment model, merchants take care of sustaining and software updates at no additional cost. This type of software usually is available as a subscription-based pricing model with repeated or annual billing.

Features of Pet Sitting Software

When choosing Pet sitting software, it’s essential to look for features that’ll help you streamline workflows and manage your clients. Here are a few key features that you should look for. 

Scheduling: This feature assists you in schedule and tracks daily Pet sitting appointments. You can allow or deny customer requests based on the achievable bandwidth. You can also manage the program of your employees and assign appointments or tasks to them. 

Client management: This feature enables you to store the elements of your clients and their pets in a centralized database, which can be obtained on every synced device. This database stores crucial pet-related information, like previous vaccine date, vet’s name and contact number, and food allergies. You can also send real-time updates to pet owners and support all communication utilizing a centralized platform. 

Invoicing: This feature automatically creates an invoice against each appointment in your schedule. You can receive payments from customers through numerous methods, including debit or credit cards and internet banking. You can also send reminders about pending charges through emails and text messages.  

Staff management: Using this feature, you can trace your staff members’ work hours and time off and accomplish their payroll. After transferring a client location, employees can renew their real-time status and enter the start and finish times of a session. In addition, tracking work hours will serve you accurately estimate compensation for your employees.