3 Best Performance Appraisal Software 2020

Goalify Professional

Helps persons in sales, health, consulting to bring best in people with growth by creating objectives & tracking performance thru mobile app to record progress


CEO&COO get clear sight of performance promotion dynamics & achieving set goals. HRD accelerates performance review process & goal achievement for better growth


Appreiz provides performance management thru on-the-spot social recognition & feed-forward App to deliver Mentoring & intelligent training with Goal management

Performance Appraisal Software

Performance appraisal software offers toe streamline the business process of collecting records, keeping logs & reviewing employee performance with setting up objectives to create employee development plans. It enables CEOs and managers to set annual goals and objectives for the respective team members with the identification of top performers and slow performers.

New performance appraisal software has 360-degree feedback tools that allow employees to complete self-evaluations and be evaluated by the team manager, peers, and direct reports without any biased behaviour.

Advantages of Performance Appraisal Software

Improve performance tracking: In traditional performance review system, managers captured feedback only once or twice a year which led to recency bias whereas in performance appraisal software users are allowed to collect employee and manager feedback throughout the year. This initiates a candid picture of the employee’s performance throughout the year and offers team managers to evaluate them more accurately and without recency bias.

Boost employee motivation: Performance appraisal system can join team managers and employees on a common platform where they may discuss to set individual achievable goals, objectives, and professional development plans if needed. Employees can review their performance and recollect their productivity level against the designated individual goals.

Typical features of Performance Appraisal Software

360-degree feedback: Gives a chance to team managers, peers, and direct reports to leave anonymous feedback for employees so that employees can have a look at how others perceive their performance of assigned work and level of quality they showed to complete the task.

Ongoing performance tracking: Collect and analyze employee performance with team manager’s feedback in real-time and calculate employee productivity against the set of designated goals and objectives.

Objective/goal setting: Offers managers to configure and set goals and objectives for every individual team member for easy understanding and better performance according to skills.

Appraisal history tracking: Keep track of term appraisals, increments, and promotional benefits throughout a job tenure of the team member.

Self-appraisals: Give individuals team members the tools to access and evaluate their performance according to the desired goals.

Cost of Performance Appraisal Software

Products available in the market are priced on a “per user, per month” basis, and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price. A premium performance appraisal system, the highest-priced, may have features like succession planning, visual charts, and custom data fields.

Points to consider while buying Performance Appraisal Software

Integration with HR systems: If the organization is not having a full-fledged human resource management (HRM) system, it is recommended to choose this performance appraisal software that integrates with HR tasks like benefits and administration, payroll, attendance, and learning management systems. The system integrations allow the HR department to transfer data between systems and the stakeholders.

Data security: Performance appraisal system have to deal with highly confidential employee data, including personal details, salaries, and benefits. Software hosted on the cloud of the vendor should comply with data security standards to safeguard any employee data that is saved on their servers. Businesses opting for Performance Appraisal Software, should check and validate vendors’ compliance certificates with their data security standards before shortlisting software.

Performance Appraisal Software Trends

AI will improve the performance review process: There has been a shift from traditional employee performance reviews, which are generally done once or twice a year, towards a continuous ongoing process which is more unbiased too. Despite computer-intervention, the integrity of the employee feedback process can still be compromised by human error and manager bias. Performance appraisal solutions backed by artificial intelligence (AI) can help businesses eliminate biases to a great extent. An AI-driven system will hold employee performance details on a real-time basis throughout the year. AI can also offer to recommend training and development programs for employees based on their performance history.

Cloud adoption continues to rise: As more and more performance appraisal software vendors are getting in the market, they are taking their products to the cloud as they can access HR applications at a low subscription cost and get saved from having to make substantial infrastructure investments for on-premise tools.

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