Parenting And The Internet: 5 Reasons To Use Parental Control Apps

Parental Control Apps

Parents are raising a new generation of tech-savvy children who are surrounded by smart devices from mobile phones, computers, tablets to gaming systems. Children use these devices to communicate with their friends, educate and entertain themselves. Parents often allow their kids to have cell phones as it’s a great way to stay in touch and acts as a locationtracker to know their exact location. Nowadays, most schools have integrated the use of the internet into their curriculum in a bid to give students more exposure to different subjects. Parents, therefore, face a challenge trying to weigh the pros and cons of the internet on growth and development.

When it comes to children, digital freedom and boundaries should be clearly defined. It’s not advisable to completely cut-off your child from the World Wide Web, however, its consumption should be closely monitored. This need brought about the use of parental apps such as FamiSafe that are available on any internet-enabled devices to help them safely navigate the internet world. Just as you teach your child to lock up when they are home alone, the same should apply whilst online. FamiSafe is rated amongst the top parental control apps that is available for both iOS and Android devices. This app ensures the best for children from setting a screen time limit, tracking location, monitoring activities, filtering websites just to name a few.

Below are some crucial reasons why you ought to set up parental controls on your child’s devices;


As you teach your kids to be good digital citizens, it’s vital to have a parental control app that will monitor all their activities especially when left unsupervised. FamiSafe for instance, can do a variety of functions such as to monitor emails, social media platforms, texts and other mobile functions. If a parent is concerned about bullying or online scams, the app can detect certain keywords that will give a prompt for the parent to investigate.


“Make Google your best friend” is a slogan used by many. The Internet is chock-full of content; some informative, some inappropriate. Parental controls have a safe search option that allows you to block adult content from search results. It’s best to let your children know that their devices are equipped with these apps and encourage open communication that assures them that they can always come to you for any questions or concerns.


Parental controls have GPS that can help parents in locationtracking. This helps them know they are where they are supposed to be and quickly find them in case of emergencies. It’s a good idea to also advise your children not to disclose their location on social media networks to avoid compromising their security.


The internet can be quite addictive especially to children. They can spend hours on end online completely detaching themselves from the ‘real world.’ Excessive screen time can result in poor eyesight, bad posture, inadequate sleep and weight gain that can lead to obesity. Parents should create a balance between online and offline activities with preference given to the latter. Parental control apps have a feature that can set screen time limits on different types of media. Children are therefore driven into other physical activities like playing and running around.


The internet era has elevated how children complete their school projects. It’s important to always have a backup of this data to avoid loss. Smart devices can crush, fall into the water or even get stolen at a moment’s notice leading one into losing valuable information. There are several parental control software that offer storage to backup any work done.