Paperform – The Best Form Builder In 2019

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These recent years we have witnessed how the lead generation has evolved and completely changed. Most of the companies now utilize their landing pages to generate leads. A lot of them use forms to get more information about their visitors. However, building online forms from scratch can be a really tedious task, and it may require a lot of web designing efforts.

Small businesses or start-ups, which donít have time as well as money to spend, can opt for online form builders, a lot of which are now freely available.

An online form builder allows its user to easily create forms to capture additional information of the customers, all through a drag and drop interface. A user can easily make different kinds of fillable forms which include questionnaires, surveys, quizzes etc. These various forms can also be shared or simply embedded where the users can easily collect responses, and the corresponding response data is easily gathered and even stored within that particular application itself.

These online form builders actually aim to be easy to use as well as intuitive and easily streamline the entire process of forms creation such that users can actually focus on collection and analysis of the data. These tools allow companies to gather extensive information about their target audience.

But finding the right form builder which is not only intuitive and intelligent but also fits in the budget, can be quite difficult. Here comes Paperform.

Paperform is actually a web platform which allows you to intuitively create aesthetically beautiful and attractive online forms, product and payment pages swiftly, without any technical know-how of web designing and development.

It is definitely built to bridge the gap between the forms and landing pages which means that you can easily either landing pages or forms or combination of both, which they call as ďLanding formĒ. You can simply create pages which take payments too, which is easier for the customers as well as communities in order to complete on either their desktop or mobile.

Paperform is a great alternative to Typeform, allowing you to create forms that look and feel in a unique and authentic way.


1. Creation of Pages and Forms like Document Creation

The most appealing and brilliant aspect of Paperform is that you can simply create your forms and pages just like you create a document. You just have to type free-text directly onto your page. You can add and even configure the questions. If you wish to insert images or other media, you can simply do that as you do in a document. You can even add payment options. These forms created using the free-text typing mechanism are actually part of a large page which can easily be themed as well as formatted as per your liking. You can even share them or simply integrate into various ways via Zapier, social media, Integromat, email and embedding.

2. Question Types

Paperform provides you with a wide range of question types. You can create isolated questions across various pages. It’s not only questions and answers that you can put. You can even insert images, videos as well as styled text at any place on the page. Each form is assigned with its own URL, which means you can easily share the form without or with your website.

You can use over 20 unique question types.

For instance, the below image shows three different types of questions that you ask on your Landing form.

Also, Paperform provides support to conditional logic for every individual question, entire groups of questions, large sections of content that include questions, images, videos etc. along with email responses, redirects as well as success pages. You can also insert answers live into the remaining section of the form in order to personalize it further.

You can define your own logic rule in order to when questions, sections of content, pages and success pages ought to be displayed to the submitter or also when custom emails should be sent.

3. Embed, Share and Analyse

Other intelligent features including the ability it provides to embed, share and analyse the form.

You can easily embed forms in your website. Also, you can simply share the form directly with the provided custom URL. Also, you can even analyse the results on the platform itself.

Whenever a submitter fills the form, you automatically receive a detailed submission summary in your inbox. You can customize emails which can also be sent to the submitter, you or anyone. You can also show a success message which is tailored according to the responses or just redirect the submitter to a completely different page.

4. Direct Integrations

Among all of these appealing features is Direct Integrations where you can simply do anything upon your form submission with different other popular services. For instances, you can simply connect directly to:

  • Google Sheets and simply add rows whenever the forms are submitted.
  • MailChimp in order to add subscribers to your lists and tags whenever the form is submitted.
  • Slack to post latest new messages or even reminders whenever the forms are submitted.
  • Trello and easily create new cards along with lists and boards when your forms are submitted.

It also makes it quite swifter and simpler to easily integrate with a wide range of supported services like Trello, Slack, Mail Chimp, ActiveCampaign, Google Sheets, Mailerlite, Convertkit, Hubspot, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Mail Shake, Google Drive.

5. Support for Different Kinds of Payment Services

Paperform provides a wide range of payment options: via PayPal, Stripe, Square, Braintree and AliPay. Itís really easy to integrate these payment gateways into your forms and accept payments of any size. 

6. Robust Security

It secures data from form submissions using TLS 1.2 SSL from your submitters’ browser through to a secured database. Forms and submissions are also encrypted. 

7. Compliance

All of your data is stored through Amazon, USA, which is actually GDPR Compliant. Paperform requires all of its users, who belongs to EU or not, to strictly agree to the various GDPR terms which are built into its Terms and Conditions as well as PP. 

8. Templates

It has wide range of form templates for various purposes like Wedding, Conference, Product, Launch Invite, Dinner Reservation, Agreement Forms, Appointment Forms, Assessment Forms, Application Form Templates, Calculation Forms, Booking Forms, Cancellation Forms, Competition Forms, Client Onboarding Forms, Content, Contact, Donation, Employment Forms, Polls, Questionnaire etc. and much more. 


Paperform offers you three plans. Each of them is characterised with specific offerings and limited features.


1. Easy to create forms, almost like typing a document.

2 Wide range of possible question types.

3. Direct Integrations that support a plethora of services.

4. Seamless support of payment services. 

5. GDPR Compliant and highly secure.


We havenít found any major issues that make a dent in our positive outlook of this product. However, the pricing could have been lower for entry-level users.


We have been witnessing numerous online form builders entering the market, and a lot of are quite complicated for the users, especially for the beginners. The better ones are quite out of range of small businesses and startups and even with a high price tag, using them is quite tedious.

Paperform solves all of these problems for everyone. Using this platform, you can create beautiful forms simply by typing text and adding images and add a variety of features to your forms from various options provided to you.