10 Best Online Collaboration Tools for Easy Project Handling

When I start a new website that has multiple users, and we all need to collaborate, I jump towards the best online collaboration tools. They make it easy for each member of the group that may reside anywhere around the world.

Most of these online tools are free, and that is why I made this list, emphasizing on merit and demerits of collaboration tools. They have made me more productive and organized over the years, and I wanted to share it with my blog audience.

Not only small business owners use these tools, but many big teams and companies work together remotely. I am sure you may have struggled in past to collaborate online with clients and suppliers.

So, using this list will help you choose the best free online collaboration tools that will make sure you successfully manage projects.



This is a free single interface project management tool, is like a magical customization to-do list. You can share in-real time. Using system of ‘cards’ you can order text and also categorize, photos,  mock-ups and drawings whichever way you want. It also offers a progress meter to keep watch on your projectís pipeline and a appointment reminder option.



It is a real time platform that lets employees work together, creating and editing documents regardless the location they are actually. You can create a team by simply inviting colleagues via e-mail and work together in one single workspace. Once accepted, team can begin with uploading and editing documents and assigning tasks to each other.

Huddle has a highly easy-to-use interface, and it takes not more than a few minutes to setting up an account. It is free account that let you store up yo 100 MB in files, for extra you need to pay $8 per month and more.



Co-op is a free for everyone, it is a Twitter like no-frills application with a simple user interface. It has several features like  ask questions, share links, track time,  Post updates. You can share the daily work to your co-workers. The app help you to keep watch on the work performed by your team each day.


Compass english

Advanseez is a free ( with limited features ) collaborative web platform composed of two modules : decision and action. The decision module establish goals to achieve a project, there is a work space to collect data and facts from all team members and draw objectives to reach the main goal. The action module is made to help people plan their actions.



Yammer is a platform for you to collaborate and communicate privately with your colleagues. By sign in with a company email address and use the platform through web, mobile or desktop to chat or share documents. With 7+  million users, itís the most widely used enterprise network tool.



Basecamp is a very simple to use project management and collaboration tools. Like Huddle, sign-up is quick and easy.

The interface is very simple and its messages facility looks like a message board, keeping all members at single place. At times when a messages is not intended for the whole group, users can specify who has the authorization to see these message. It keeps track of every version of each file uploaded and it is available in many languages. The product starts at $49 per month.



Cyn.in open-source community edition. It also has a robust collection of enterprise collaboration tools. The tool is available in 3 versions ; the free community edition include application source code, Active Directory integration, Web-based appliance management console and more. Features includes : event calendars, discussion boards, image galleries, Wikis, blogs, file repositories,  collaboration spaces, status logs, crowd rating and voting and more.



Twoodo merges social with collaboration in a really smooth way, which is awesome for distributed or remote teams. It is easier to have multiple projects on the go. No worries about forgotten task.



This is a free tool that enables designers to host project on one dashboard and share via a simple URL. Only you and your client can access the project as it is password protected. Further it is a retina-ready. It has free as well as paid services too.



Wrike is an online collaboration tool with email at its core. To add project to the platform just CCinge-mail that have any tasks to your wrike account. Wrike is a features-rich tool, While the interface is focused on functionality.

Wrike is good for both small and large businesses and it can manage 100 users at a time.The free trial is available and even paid plan is also available starting from  $29 per month



CubeTree, recently acquired by SuccessFactors, is an on-demand enterprise collaboration suite available in free and premium versions. The free version includes user profiles, microblogging, file sharing (software), wikis, and 10MB per user.Features: Suite includes standard microblogging characteristics. Status updates of 140 characters; a commenting feature (similar to commenting on activity streams on Facebook); feed filtering, which lets you choose who to follow and what feed items you’d like to receive; direct addressing (similar to Twitter’s @name function); and integration with several third-party systems.


Screen Shot of Dropbox

One of the finest collaboration tools, it enables you to access all documents, files, photos and articles. The best part of Dropbox is their multi-device support, be a laptop, tablet or you mobile phone, Dropbox will make you view, create and edit files on the go. You have apps built in for Dropbox that can install on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Blackberry and even Ubuntu. What more can you ask for?

We hope you will like this article, let us know if you have found some really good online collaboration tools, and we will list them here.