The Best One Hand Games that you can play on your Androids

Gaming on mobiles is very popular and when it comes to playing mobile games people prefer to play those that require only one hand. People like to keep their one hand free for all sort of reasons.

So, if you are one of those who enjoy playing games on your Android device that require only one hand then here’s a list of top 10 games for you.

one hand games on android

Temple Run 2 -Genre:Action, Endless runner.

One of the most downloaded and loved game on Android that changed all kind of barriers for endless running games on mobiles. With some amazing graphics, run plus jumps this action game has everything you can ask for. You also get all kind of new character, exciting power-ups, and the almighty achievements. You are running for stealing the artefacts from a temple and stopping, stumbling will make the monster capture you.

Subway Surfers -Genre:Arcade, Endless runner.

With simple controls and magnificent art style that changes with each update makes this game another favorite of mine. You will love to play this one finger game where you don’t have to move your phone, swiping left and right will change your lanes, you have to avoid trains and barriers so that you don’t bump into them, and a police officer is ready to capture you from behind if you stop. You can get all kind of rewards by collecting coins, and the power-ups are really useful while playing.

Clumsy Bird- Genre:Arcade.

Clumsy Bird is a clone of game Flappy bird that became a sensation overnight. Flappy bird was frustrating a bit, difficult but people liked to play it. Developers made few clones and made few changes, and hence, Clumsy Bird was introduced which now offers fabulous accessories and clothing. The gameplay is to tap from a single hand by which bird will keep flying and avoid objects to score as high as possible. Its simple, yet challenging that’s why it’s pretty popular.

Canabalt -Genre:Arcade, Endless runner.

This single handed game will make you fall in love with it, it’s available on every platform and has a great concept. The whole world is falling down, and you need to jump from one rooftop to another and save yourself from various obstacles, run and achieve higher scores. You will feel the game getting harder as the speed increases slowly and gradually.

Cut The Rope 2 – Genre:Puzzle.

The monster is back, and he needs to feed on candies all the time, you will enjoy this adventurous game as the little hungry monster is too cute. You can meet new friends and ask them for help or two. You can easily play this game with one hand, and the delicious candy awaits the Om nom’s belly. A must try.

These are the best out of the lot, you will find all of these games in Android store, and I am dead sure that you can’t ignore them, somewhere you will find people playing and enjoying these games, so go ahead download these now.

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