3 Best Onboarding Software with Buyers TIp


Academy builder for SaaS companies designed to engage & educate customers for greater retention & satisfaction, businesses spreadsheets and/or organize HR data


Helps newcomers great branded onboarding/preboarding experience, invite directly after recruitment by mail/text message, newcomer gets direct access thru mobile


DOT-complaint, web-based driver recruiting solution, enables recruiters trucking industry to manage candidates information Employment data, licenses, accidents

Onboarding Software

Onboarding software helps recruiters as well as team managers to ease up the onboarding process for new hires/recruits, and get them peacefully through the hiring and training process. These solutions make an organized and managed way of processes like documentation requirements, critical contacts/colleague introductions, and general office policies.

Benefits of Onboarding Software

Increase engagement

The onboarding process provides new hires’ first impression of the organization and can have an everlasting impact on the artistry during the tenure in the company. It can be anything from streamlining to managing the entire process, onboarding software provides employees flexibility with the onboard movement through the hiring and training process, allows them to complete necessary forms and pieces of training at the required speed.

Digitization and streamlining to help compliance

Onboarding solutions offers human resource professionals to help manage digital documentation for new hires, including verifying employee information. Digital signing function provides employees to instantaneous signing and authorizing crucial documents, decreasing physical storage requirements and file maintenance demands while increasing compliance.

Features of Onboarding Software

Course management

Creating employee training courses and assigning them to employees.

E-Verify/I-9 Form completion

Provides new hires to verify documents and their identity.

Electronic forms

Generates digital forms which can be easily shared and accessed by all the stakeholders.

Electronic signature

Lets users digitally sign documents within the company system.

Employee handbook

Helps in developing, storing, and managing an employee handbook that can be shared during the onboarding process.

Employee portal

An online portal that provides self-service functionalities to employees.

File management

A categorized repository of all relevant business documents for better file management.

Job description repository

Creating, sharing, and managing job descriptions.

Orientation management

Provides HR professionals creating and managing orientation programs for new hires.

Task management

Provides users to create and manage a running list of to-do items and check the status of each.

Mentor assignment

Assign team members to mentor and support new hires throughout the onboarding process.

Cost of Onboarding Software

Most products available in the market are priced on a “per user, per month” basis, and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on their starting price. The premium product is priced higher often have unique features like analytics, multimedia support, customized branding, and chat support.

Considerations while Buying Onboarding Software

Mobile access

HR professionals, recruiters, employees, and managers were utilizing onboarding software to oversee and complete the whole onboarding process, from filling out necessary forms, downloading and uploading documents, to tracking the progress. As workforces become increasingly mobile, onboarding software vendors must change to meet market demands. Software buyers must evaluate the employees’ mobile access needs, and ensure that their shortlist of onboarding software options fulfil all requirements.

Integration with existing software

Onboarding software solutions work in concert with other tools, including HR, recruiting, payroll, benefits and administration, and reporting software solutions. It’s difficult (if not impossible) to streamline onboarding processes if the onboarding software can’t integrate with user’s existing systems. Before making a purchase decision, research user desired software’s integration capabilities to ensure you don’t end up with a siloed system.

Onboarding Software Trends

Conversational user interfaces transform the onboarding process.

Recent advancements in conversational user interface technologies have accelerated mainstream adoption among small businesses. One-third of small business will adopt chatbot technologies in the future few years. Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots will change onboarding functionalities like employee self-service, query resolution, tracking progress, and data entry.


Gamified onboarding converts process from a monotonous, mandatory task into an exciting experience, allowing HR professionals and corporate trainers to develop quizzes, get badges, show leader boards, and make quests to help employees learn and get overarching organizational goals and visions. Gamification fulfils the source of employees learning and onboarding faster; expect the ongoing trend of training gamification to expand in the future years.

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