3 Best OEE Software with Buyersí Guide


Enhances production efficiency Improves  sales activities Good business operations Automate data collection Generate reports Send real-time alerts

Limble CMMS

Simple Mobile maintenance software solution Easy assets management Ease of Use Building Maintenance Software Good for Manufacturing, Facility, Equipment Hospitality Fleet

PerformOEE Smart Factory Software

Control real-time performance issues Empowers respond More proactive More effective Supports full improvement ‘click-as-you-think’ Big Data drilldown capability

OEE Software

OEE Software assists in gathering and analyzing the production data for creating order every dat to check where the wastage of time and money. The systems transform dark data into visuals for revealing trends or immediate issues. OEE is typically calculated as (Availability x Performance x Quality). Each of the components is quantifiable, and the OEE software utilizes information to present the data in dashboards. These data visualizations provide a view of the trends and potential problems throughout the manufacturing procedure.

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is prominent and commonly tracked key performance indicator (KPI) that shows how effectively assets work in a manufacturing setting. It acted as a benchmark to show exactly how production is going and where to get it improved. OEE is  an important part for the  continuous improvement and streamlined manufacturing that software specifically assists companies in tracking and optimizing it. Companies can make improvements to boost production and decrease costs. OEE software is the tool available to use  production data and get a real manufacturing consequences. OEE systems have strong reporting functions for generating reports on any production process. User can easily share performance reports with the appropriate departments.

Features of OEE Software

Data collection : Enabling the transfer of performance data from assets over the production line by integrating with controllers on machines.

Alerts and notifications : The system permits to set up custom alerts as to notify the appropriate worker of the performance readings from machines exceeds a certain threshold, to explain a problem that requires attention.

Dashboard : One can customize KPI dashboard to include most critical metrics to check OEE at a glance on a desktop computer or thru web-enabled device.

Reporting : Generating reports thru data gathered from production machines for specific assets, products, or locations.

Analytics : Sellers provide stronger data-leveraging functionality with static reports. Analytics pull insights from the data to enhance manufacturing performance.

Cost of OEE Software

OEE software sellers do not provide specific pricing publicly, typically but those who do provide cloud-based system with subscription pricing per month or year. Additional costs is needed for integrating additional assets. Try to keep data close by providing on-premise OEE systems, installed on computers. On-premise systems have higher one-time payment for perpetual use as compared to cloud-based software. Company is required to invest in IT staff for securing and maintaining the servers and software.

Advantages of OEE Software

Real-time production visibility. Effective way to get an hold on production metrics in real-time without the right technology, is impossible. OEE software provides valuable view into operations to get the opportunities for improvement.

True data-driven decisions. A visual dashboard of the important KPIs for  manufacturing and can help it to become more confident to take good business decisions based on actual data, instead of unchecked data of the production line.

Encourages ongoing improvements. Visualizing production data helps in the performance of the manufacturing procedure which is a consistent source for decision-making. The data provide clear methods to increase production.

OEE Software Trends

Outsourcing is beneficial if done strategically. Even many of the manufacturing jobs are coming back to their native countries, strategic outsourcing is becoming a popular business step. The growth of external manufacturing companies with diverse nature provide opportunities for advantageous partnerships. The outside companies can manufacture various parts of the same end product with cost effective savings and efficiency boost.

Affordable technology helps in condition monitoring for small manufacturing. While technologies are becoming cheaper, more small businesses are able to use sensors or other devices to gather and use data from the production line. The technology is advantageous for maintenance management of important assets, extending useful life by getting to know the problems as early as possible.

3D printing can decrease costs, enhance complexity of designs. Additive manufacturing, better called 3D printing in a manufacturing setting, is getting common for companies sizes. 3D printing permits manufacturers to create more complex parts in a single print for decreasing the burden on other production machines and enhancing efficiency.

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