The New Instasize Is The Best All-In-One Photo Editing App

Instagram and Facebook make it so easy to share photos online, and it has become the social norm to use social media to keep friends and family up to date with what’s going on in our daily lives. Because of social media, photo editing apps are in extremely high demand, in fact, you probably have a couple already on your phone. The average Instagram user will have 2-3 different apps they use to edit one single photo. Realizing that this is an issue, the creators of Instasize have created an all in one, editing powerhouse, for editing on mobile.

The standout feature on the Instasize app is its impressive selection of photo filters. Users get to choose from more than 50 filter options that give a sophisticated finish to all kinds of photos. No matter what kind of effect you’re after, Instasize has a filter that will match your desired aesthetic. What’s also impressive is the fact that the developers promise a new filter collection on a monthly basis – we’ve been following along and have found this to be true! Their latest – a collection of stunning black & white filters – The Charcoal Collection.

There’s so much room for trial and error, and you can easily change the mood of any photo from dull to dramatic in seconds. The filters are also perfect if you want a consistent Instagram account theme. For stunning visual maintenance, you can select filters belonging in the same collection without being repetitive. Aside from these filters, users can still edit the saturation, shadows, highlights, grain, and much more with the adjustment tools.

Another in-app feature worth mentioning is the versatile text editor within the app. Free to all users, the text editor boasts an impressive 30+ unique filters that users can utilize to create stunning text content. If you’re an active Instagram Story contributor, the text tool will give a better representation of your thoughts as it allows you to put text in your preferred layout and style – you can also get creative and add multiple lines of text at once. Instasize also has expanded its borders selection, and users get to choose from a wide array of designs. From simple and structured to radical and wild, the border designs add a funky, fashionable touch to posts. If you are handling brand accounts, you can use this tool to showcase collections, or when posting announcements. This is another reason why Instasize is an efficient photo editing app as it eliminates the need to download multiple apps that only serve one or two purposes.

It’s easy to find a photo editing app with a beauty tool, but it could prove difficult to find one that doesn’t give off exaggerated cartoonish effects. This is where Instasize steps in gloriously because their beauty tools gives off natural effects that all selfie addicts would appreciate. Users can remove unwanted blemishes, correct skin tone, and even whiten teeth using simple tools. Emphasis on simple – a word very commonly thrown around within the photo editing realm but rarely ever is it true.

The mobile photo editor is completely free and comes with a plethora of photo editing options. Those looking to have full access to the app are urged to upgrade to a premium account. With all of the editing features that Instasize has, there’s no need to edit photos across multiple platforms ever again.

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