NetSuite Review

If you want to compete in todays economic environment, the accounting teams of your business must be able to access and analyze the various complex data in real time which demands best accounting software. The traditional accounting software is mostly inefficient to keep up with this dynamic change. NetSuite is a cloud-based accounting software that provides data analysis in real-time and useful accounting insights to keep your business running seamlessly.


1. Providing Real-Time Data Analysis & Insights

NetSuite provides real-time data analysis and insight which are highly important for making financial decisions. Todays CFOs who has to make strategic recommendations which are often based on the real-time data analysis.

This accounting software helps in strategic thinking with its real-time data dashboards and analytics, and by pulling financial data into a single integrated solution.

It also provides personalized accounting dashboards, which are customizable according to a different role. Accounting analytics and financial reports are easily accessible virtually anywhere with internet services including mobile devices.

2. Security

This software provides data backups and takes care of security concerns of any small business. With its latest version of storage, encryption and anti-virus technologies, it provides the best protection with only small storage and security costs.

3. Streamlined Processes

This solution offers streamlined workflows, administrative errors, minimizes accounting and increases productivity. Its innovative accounting solutions improve efficiency and enable real-time analytics for decision-making in business accounting work.

Pros of NetSuite

  • It provides web-based accounting software along with real-time business intelligence within each department of business.
  • It also provides end-to-end solution to handle back office resource planning

Cons of NetSuite

  • The user interface of this solution is outdated and tough to get used to of it.
  • As it is focused to be a cloud-based solution, its offline version is not that robust according to users needs.


So in case you are looking for an accounting software that handles your data in real-time and provides latest technologies to manage and secure your financial data, then NetSuite is the perfect choice for you. Although it has great features, it does lack in aesthetics, and it has an outdated user interface. It also provides great insight to the accountants based on improved analytics.

With this, we end our review of NetSuite. In case you choose it to use it for accounting purpose, then do let us know about your experience. Also, leave your views and suggestions in the comment section below.