NearShore Technology Shares Why You Need Prototyping in Your Software Development

Software prototyping

Software development is a highly detailed and time-consuming process when everything is running as planned. Multiple teams of designers and developers often spend months working together to get applications and programs ready for end users. When necessary modifications are needed but only become apparent late in the development process, the inevitable result is additional expense and time investments to get the product to market. In this article, development firm NearShore Technology discusses the power of prototyping during software development for avoiding unnecessary delays and additional work.

What Prototyping Means In the Software Development Industry

Prototyping has been an essential part of product development in multiple industries for many years. Engineers and manufacturers produce less than full-scale versions of new products so that they can be physically tested and tried out by potential users. Software prototyping works in the same basic manner, usually with limited parts of a complete project prototyped so that certain elements can be tested as early as possible during development. Potentially difficult parts of a software product are tested for functionality and suitable user interface so that issues can be identified and addressed while the entire project is taking shape. Prototyping is usually an ongoing process that uses continuing testing and customer feedback to refine product prototypes for further testing along the way. 

Prototyping Steps

Developers begin by establishing what the proposed software project will actually do upon completion. Existing customer preferences and the expected desires of potential customers drive the decisions regarding the vision of what the final product will include and how it will function. Based on the product concept, developers build models of the product. Initial prototypes typically begin with simple drawings and notes that lead to working models that fit the testing needs of the actual product’s capabilities. As more detailed working models are developed, the prototypes are tested by engineers and customers in order to develop usable feedback during development. The testing feedback is used to revise the prototype for continuous testing. 

Basic Prototyping Approaches

Rapid Throwaway Prototyping is often useful early in the development process as designers and customers explore various methods and processes to accomplish particular goals. Often this approach does not necessarily involve a working model as a prototype. The focus is on maximizing customer feedback early in the process to avoid unnecessary work that does not meet customer needs. Rapid throwaway prototyping is intended to make the first working prototype as complete as possible.

Evolutionary prototyping is intended to get a working model into the hands of testers as soon as possible so that incremental changes can be made as testing is underway. When developers and customers begin the process with a well-developed idea of what the final product should do, evolutionary prototyping can save substantial time and resources. 

How Prototyping Improves Software Development

Customer satisfaction and involvement are supported by prototyping. Customers are involved in development, and expectations are based on hands-on testing. Errors and necessary additional product functions are identified early in the development process so that budgets and schedules are more secure and predictable. Developers also find that strong prototypes are extremely valuable as part of their knowledge base as new products are designed and developed in the future. 

Prototyping with NearShore Technology 

NearShore’s team of technology consultants can bring your idea to life in 5 days with their unique design sprint approach. A design sprint is a collaborative process where our consultants work with our clients to answer critical business questions by rapidly exploring, brainstorming, prototyping, and testing design solutions. It’s a quick way to validate ideas and test a product to assess where it’s worth developing, saving you time and money. Do you need an entirely new, innovative design? Or perhaps need to modernize your existing infrastructure? NearShore’s expertise will allow you to confidently propel forward with the decisions that best meet your objectives, and protect your investment. Get in touch with one of our consultants today.  

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