Movavi Photo Editor 4.4.0 Review

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There are many different photo editing programs on the market at the moment so Windows users surely have a lot to choose from. Out of all that are used at the moment, it is the Windows Photo Editor by Movavi that is gaining a lot of popularity on the constant basis. Movavi Photo Editor For Windows 4.4.0 is designed to help the regular user as opposed to the professional photographer, although many of the features included are competing with the really interesting ones offered by more expensive software.


Movavi Photo Editor instantly stands out because of the fact that it is user-friendly. Every single tool that is included helps you to edit photos with just a number of clicks and various different presets that make editing a breeze. As a very simple example, sometimes you get a picture that has a lower quality than expected. Movavi Photo Editor 4.4.0 features a one-click quality enhancing tool in Magic Enhance. You just do a couple of clicks and the image is going to have a higher quality. Obviously, there are also some advanced color correction options that are available for those looking for enhanced precision.

Features Of Interest

There are many features that are appreciated by those that reviewed the software. For starters, we have the retouching tools that are as advanced as you would expect. They are very useful in the event you want to edit some portraits. Then, if you want a composition that is more aesthetically pleasing, you can easily utilize the options like flip, crop, straighten and rotate.

Many of the day-to-day users are going to be interested in quickly editing their images so they can be posted on social media and blogs. This becomes easy with Movaviís photo suite as there are various interesting preset filters that are available. You gain access to many that you already know and love from other apps and some that are proprietary.

If you want to go for something more special you can always focus on the more advanced photo editing features like the possibility to replace backgrounds or remove some of the objects you do not want in the images. Then, when all is done and you are happy with what appeared, you can add watermarks to show everyone that you did the editing and the photo, together with captions if this is what you would like.


On the whole, Movavi Photo Editor for Windows 4.4.0 is a photo editing program that you really want to consider using. It is so much more than what you would expect given the very low price tag. Use the software in order to make your images look better in a fraction of the time than with the competition. While you cannot obtain as much as the professional photographers would want, if you are a regular user or even a beginner photographer, Movavi offers a very good suite that you want to at least try. Use the trial and test the features to see if this is something that you want to use in the future.